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Film Workshop – How to Design an Accurate Film Shooting Schedule

“This was an intensive course packed with information that’s critical to designing the film schedule. I feel confident in my understanding on how to breakdown a script to provide and plan a one line schedule. Thanks Peter for sharing your enthusiasm and knowledge.” Eunice Choi, Vancouver Canada

Film Scheduling

“How to Design an Accurate Film Shooting Schedule” is a 2 day workshop with Peter D. Marshall on the preparation of the Shooting Schedule for Television and Feature Films. This course was designed for Producers, Production Managers, Assistant Directors, Location Managers and Production Co-ordinators to help you understand how to accurately create a shooting schedule that stays on budget and on time!

Peter D. Marshall has spent over 22 years as a First Assistant Director on 12 Features (including “Personal Effects”, “Edison”, “Dawn of the Dead”, “The Butterfly Effect”, “Happy Gilmore”, “Look Who’s Talking Now”, “Bird on a Wire”, “The Fly II”); 15 TV Movies (CBS, ABC, Fox, CBC, Disney, USA Network, Hallmark); 7 TV Series, (including “Masters of Science Fiction”, “Reaper”, “Wiseguy”, “Stingray”, the pilot for “Party of Five”); and over 20 Commercials (including Mattel, McDonalds, Toyota, Ocean Spray, Kraft).

Peter was also the Executive Creative Consultant on all 22 one-hour episodes of the TV Series,”John Woo’s Once a Thief.”

“This course is extremely informational for all film crew in any department. Learning to do breakdowns and boards and truly understanding the politics of movie making to fit everyone’s needs from actors (cast) to directors to producers and locations, and figuring out all the dynamics and logistics of what it takes to make a schedule and implement the plan each and every day. Thank you Peter Marshall and see you on the next round of classes.” Steve Sach, Vancouver Canada

“How to Design an Accurate Film Shooting Schedule”

DAY ONE (Lecture and Class Discussion)

1. Course Information

2. Personal Observations

3. Personal Philosophy and Work Ethics

4. Differences Between Episodic TV and Feature Films

5. The Assistant Director and Director Relationship

6. Reduction Breakdown Theory

7. Pre-Production as a Process of Discovery

8. The Role of the First Assistant Director in Prep

9. The Assistant Director and Director Meetings

10. Pre-Production Activities

11. The Shooting Script

12. Breakdown of Scenes in a Shooting Script

13. Three Stages of Designing a Schedule

14. Class Work – The 8 Step Process of Script Breakdown

15. Preparing Scenes (Strips) for the Production Board

16. General Film and TV Scheduling Factors

17. Homework for Day Two (Script Breakdown)

DAY TWO (Class divides into groups & schedules a 3 day shoot)

1. Questions from Day 1

2. Class Exercise – Script Breakdown

3. Production Board #1

4. Production Board #2

5. Production Board #3

6. Film and TV Scheduling Tips

7. Class Exercise – Preparing Board # 1

8. Class Exercise – Preparing Board # 2

9. Class Exercise – Preparing Board # 3

10. Hand-out and Discuss EP Scheduling Sheets

11. Hand-out and Discuss the AD Prep Sheet

12. Assistant Director Tips and Hints

13. Additional Pressure Zones

14. 1st AD Normal Work Day on the Set

15. Educational and Reference Materials

“Peter was very insightful and informative about the industry- the politics, the ever-changing elements in a shooting day- all factors of not just one day but an entire shooting schedule. He made me think about elements and factors in a day differently. Taught me how to start thinking about how a shooting day is designed to make not just that day smooth but the schedule as a whole. Fun class- was good to meet others in the industry as well.” Leanna Inokoshi, Vancouver Canada

How to contact Peter D. Marshall

If you are interested in finding out more about “How to Design an Accurate Film Shooting Schedule,” contact me to discuss how we can bring this workshop to your city.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Peter D. Marshall

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More Comments from Class Participants

“Thanks Peter for the “Designing the Film Schedule” workshop. I have not only learned the fundamentals of scheduling, but valuable lessons concerning the business and politics of British Columbia’s film industry. Much appreciation for an inspirational course.” Ian Jarvis, Vancouver, Canada

“Course material was very thorough and well presented. Practical experience of putting strips together was important for the understanding of the complete process.” Lynn K. Spencer, Vancouver, Canada

“Peter’s class was very informative and will be helpful to anyone looking to go into the AD world or gain a better understanding of what goes into creating and designing a film schedule. The lack of formal classes in this subject about AD-ing means Peter’s class is a must have. Without it, I would be lost.” Matt Tingey, Vancouver, Canada

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! What a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and good advice. Please keep providing these kinds of seminars.” Erez Barzialy, Vancouver, Canada

“Already had an idea of what was going on from another course that just touched base. This course was more detailed and more interesting.” Scooby Vincent, Vancouver, Canada

“Informative and entertaining! With tighter budgets, prep times have been reduced for all departments. The opportunity to learn from a 1st AD during a long prep is very rare. Often on MOW’s, the 2nd AD gets 3 – 5 days prep. This course helps fill this gap.” Shelly Cox, Vancouver, Canada

“Very enjoyable and revealing two days. A lot of extremely valuable and useful information. I learned a lot.” Michael Bateman, Victoria, Canada

“Most applicable two days of my life in a film class so far!” Michelle Elizabeth Nieken, Burnaby, Canada

“Have a Day 3 & 4 for the class. EP Scheduling…How to use the program. Great workshop.” Otto Mak, Vancouver, Canada

“As a location manager, through this workshop, I gained an appreciation for the factors which go into designing a film schedule, and therefore factors which should be considered in selecting locations at which to film. Very worthwhile workshop.” Deborah D. Bose, Vancouver, Canada

Holistic approach to scheduling- important to know the back story before the scheduling. Important course for all AD’s-especially 2nd AD to 1st AD upgrades.” Raj Uppal, Vancouver, Canada

“Very interesting class, lots of information, great price, Very informative teacher, lots of good ideas presented in class..” Tristan Calvo, Vancouver, Canada

“As a 2nd AD this course was very helpful to understand politics of making a schedule. I think every 2nd who wants to 1st AD should take this course. Thank you Peter!” Michele E. Dutka, Mission, Canada

“Great background to the nature of the business and politics as well as in depth list of the factors involved in designing a one line schedule. Really great info. for insight on how to weigh the importance of different scenes. Very easy to understand and fun, interesting stories! Thanks!” Julie Slater, Vancouver, Canada

“Thank you Peter and the DGC for a very informative and enjoyable course on designing the film schedule.” Patti Allen, Vancouver, Canada

“Peter- Thanks very much for the course. I think I learned some good basics about scheduling.” Jennifer Nelson, Vancouver, Canada

“Thanks for teaching me to start at the beginning. You helped me to demystify the one-line schedule. Excellent class for anyone working in the film industry.” Connie Kennedy, Vancouver, Canada

“Valuable information especially the politics of film.” A.L. Arnold, Vancouver, Canada

“Complete, consise, involving, knowledgeable, engaging and like a good 1st AD, right on schedule.” Stephan M. Fuchs, Saskatoon, Canada

“A real eye opener of life beyond the acounting door.” Kari Fonkalsrud, Regina, Canada

Excellent info. The intricacies and nuances learned from Peter’s experience is invaluable.” Jason Bohn, Saskatoon, Canada

“Great course, valuable info you won’t get anywhere.” Hugh Patterson, Regina, Canada

“Thank you Peter. Great workshop.” Nathan Mosewich, Regina, Canada

“Thank you for taking your valuable time. I feel more confident in my position now that I have taken this worshop.” Crystal Van Pelt, Regina, Canada

“What a fantastic opportunity to tap into a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to sponge, sponge, sponge.” Linda Payeur, Regina, Canada

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