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Film Directing Workshops with Peter D. Marshall (Live Events, Live Webinars, Live Teleseminars)

Filmmaking Workshops with Peter D. Marshall

“I have taken several directing courses and Peter’s course by far, takes the gold star. This impressive, condensed seminar saturates years of experience and learning and presents it in an easy to use package. A definite recommendation.” Trevor McWhinney – Vancouver, Canada

Hello Filmmakers,

I have worked in the Film and Television Industry for over 40 years – as a Film Director, Television Producer, First Assistant Director and a Series Creative Consultant. I am also a film directing instructor for Raindance Canada and the Vancouver Film School.

I’ve been asked many times to share my Film and TV production knowledge with others. As a result, I developed several workshops that I have successfully presented over the past 18 years. (Singapore, Dubai, Haiti, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Regina.)

To find out more about these workshops, just click on the links below. If you are interested in any of these workshops for yourself or your organization, please contact me to discuss how we can bring these workshops to you.

Peter D. Marshall

“Peter D. Marshall gave a brilliant and informative presentation on “The Essentials of Directing” to our members. He was candid, easy to follow and very well prepared. Mr. Marshal’s insight and knowledge in film directing and people skills simply elicited awe – inspiring reactions from our audience. His tips and suggestions will be of great help to our coalition members for a long time to come!” Patricia La Marr, NCFC Producer/Steering Committee Member, Sacramento, CA. USA

2 Day Workshops

1. Essentials of Film Directing – this 2 day workshop with Peter D. Marshall will help you become a confident director who knows what to do, from pre-production to yelling ‘that’s a wrap!’

2. Directing Actors – this 2 day hands on workshop with Peter D. Marshall will demonstrate how directors and actors can work effectively together to build trust; to maximize performance on set; and understand how to work together cooperatively in a tense, time-sensitive and often challenging creative environment.

3. Advanced Blocking– this 2 day hands-on workshop with Peter D. Marshall concentrates on constructing shots and blocking actors in a scene and is designed for directors and actors who want to better understand the complicated process of scene analysis and blocking actors on set.

4. Chemistry Behind the Camera: The Director/DOP Relationship – this 2 day hands-on workshop with Peter D. Marshall (and a guest DOP) demonstrates why the Director and Director of Photography (DOP) relationship is one of the most important collaborative relationships on any film set. The main objective of this workshop is to demonstrate how a director can create a strong personal, technical and creative working relationship with their Director of Photography.

3 Day Workshops

5. The Art and Craft of the Director – this 3 day intensive workshop with Peter D. Marshall discusses Film and Television Directing tips and techniques. This course was designed for any Filmmaker who wants to know the answer to the question, “How do I become a successful, working film director?”

6. Advanced: Directing the Film Actor – this 3 day hands-on workshop with Peter D. Marshall and Trilby Jeeves concentrates on the filmmaker’s main task: directing the actor! This workshop was designed for filmmakers who want to understand the acting process and how to get the best results from actors.

5 Day Workshops

7. 5-Day Film Directing Masterclassthe main objective of this 5 Day Film Directing Masterclass is to demystify the filmmaking process by focusing on the director’s 3 primary tasks on any film: 1) understanding the story 2) guiding actor performances to tell that story 3) using cinematics (camera, lighting, editing, etc) to create a visually compelling story an audience will remember.

Past Workshops

The Art of the Film Director
January 22, 23, 29, 30, 2005
Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver Class
Nov. 29 to Dec. 12, 2003
Singapore Class
Art & Craft of the Film Director
January 20, 21, 22, 2006
Dubai, UAE
Dubai Class
Art & Craft of the Film Director
February 17,18,19, 2006
Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver Class
Film Directing Essentials
July 31 – August 1, 2013
Port-au-Prince, Haiti,
The Director & DOP Relationship
August 17 & 18, 2013
Toronto , Canada
photo 2
The Essentials of Film Directing
September 7 & 8, 2013
Vancouver, Canada,
Directing the Film Actor
September 24 – 26, 2010
Vancouver, Canada
group copy

Workshop Testimonials and Feedback

“Fantastic course, fantastic instructor. In a brief 4 day course, Peter D. Marshall has provided various tools for the would be directors in his class. Through discussions, film clips, handouts and hands-on exercises, he has shown us the process involved in directing. He touched on the politics, the story, and performance. An incredible valuable course, at an incredible affordable price. Thank you for the mantra “Motives Determine Behaviour” and helping us create TRUTH. This process of discovery was fantastic.” Warren Dean Fulton – Vancouver, Canada

“First, I would like to say thanks to Peter Marshall, he has been an inspiration to me. It was a great course, very helpful and useful. I got a good idea about directing and it’s politics and how it works. Peter’s workshop was very effective and overwhelming.” Shaima Tahboub, Dubai, UAE

“Peter’s course in directing is a great insight into the process of film direction from a practical perspective. Combining theory with nuts and bolts, I got a good idea of how to make the emotional content of a scene work – and how to isolate the problems when it doesn’t. Great involvement in the process.” Chris Baudat – New Westminster, Canada

“I found Peter’s workshop very inspiring. Peter’s obvious passion for the art of cinema was contagious. The workshop was a great opportunity to refresh my viewpoint, and to put myself in the director’s mind set. It even inspired me to work out some of my own script ideas that had stalled and were suddenly unblocked! I now have a new perspective on the power of moviemaking and the realities of the Director’s role. Thank you Peter.” Annabelle Wilczur – Vancouver, Canada

“I’ll be shooting my first film in the next 30 days. This course came as a surprise birthday present. It was a godsend. I would have been fracked if I hadn’t taken the workshop. There were so many essential elements that I would have missed. Peter’s course is helping me hit the ground running and as a result, I feel much more confident and sure. Thanks Peter.” Frederick Heartline – Vancouver, Canada

“Very in-depth class with a great way to express the director’s role. The role playing was a fantastic way for me to learn to compose a scene, deal with actors and understand what is needed for the story, Peter, you have obviously put a lot of work into preparing and delivering this workshop. I learned a lot. Thank you.”
Alexandra Pacheco – Burnaby, Canada

“Fun film clips, great stories and interesting insight into what the role of the director is. Loved the last exercise. Thanks.” Jennifer Nelson – Vancouver, Canada.

“Wow. Peter packed in years of research, experience and his passion for directing in four days. In doing so, he managed to present the essentials of what this course is about…directing. It was exactly what I was looking for…information and practical exercises that will help me to achieve my goals.” Greg Kansky – Vancouver, Canada

“Really enjoyed the workshop – lots of all around in-depth info. Put into a more basic and clearer overview of the director and other elements of filmmaking.” Cybelle Sarrazin – Delta, Canada

“Peter, this was an absolutely fantastic workshop filled with information, knowledge, and passion. Thank you.” Diego Marquina Quinzanos – Mexico City, Mexico

“Valuable insights into not only the mind set of the director, but also the actor, the character and the value of interpreting the story. I learned a lot about the director’s strategy about how to connect with the actors to bring vision to the story. Thanks Peter for sharing your excitement about directing. Fun, Fun, Fun! Great film clips – really felt as though we all grew from your constructive criticism and allowing and encouraging us to go for it!” Julie Slater – Vancouver, Canada

“I found the course inspirational and filled with great information. Thank you so much Peter. You’re generous and talented and it’s a privilege to have attended. Looking forward to the advanced course.” Tara Cowell-Plain – Vancouver, Canada

“Peter is a very knowledgeable and engaging instructor. In addition to being a great learning opportunity (and a lot of fun!) this course and workshop offered valuable insight into the director’s world. Thank you.” Bev White – North Vancouver, Canada

“Great course! Learned more about directing in Peter’s course than working on a set for months as an assistant director. I recommend it to anyone who wants to really understand the role of the director on set and for anyone who wants to expand his skills on set.” Asher M. Isak – Vancouver, Canada

“Great class!” Tristan Calvo – Vancouver, Canada

“A well rounded workshop that combines informative theory, group discussion and hands-on application. Peter offers something for everyone, from the PA to the experienced director. Nobody gets left behind – everybody gets stimulated.” John MacCarthy – Vancouver, Canada

“A powerful, passionate person. A real pleasure to listen and learn from.” Jennifer Kidd – Vancouver, Canada

“Thanks again for offering “The Art Of The Director”…a great learning experience….for me, there were many mysteries solved and 1000 assumptions debunked as to the role and focus of the director: a wonderful confidence builder.” Patrick Stark – Vancouver, Canada

“A two month course in 4 days. All the main points, but in a condensed, comprehensive and understandable format. Worth it!” Bonnie Benwick, Vancouver, Canada

“A very good course explaining the basics of directing. A great use of film clips to demonstrate the theory. Peter uses his knowledge and experience to help us understand the theory. A worthwhile four days.” Sandra Mayo – Vancouver, Canada

“Tons of good information from a practical, working director.” Ty Haller – Vancouver, Canada

“Other than the course outline, there are no rules! This is a layed back, informative look at directing. Experience is a good teacher and Peter speaks from experience.” Jody Ryan – Surrey, Canada

“I am greatful to benefit from Peter’s wealth of experience. The workshop has been very enjoyable and truly inspirational.” Ian Jarvis – Vancouver, Canada

“A very inspiring workshop that leaves me wanting to move onto the next level. Peter’s years of experience brought many levels of information to the class.” Cindy Smith – Vancouver, Canada

“I found Peter’s course of great value. Give me more please.” Michael J. Bateman – Victoria, Canada

“The course was enjoyable and extremely well thought out. I learned a lot and it reinforced what I already knew. I will recommend the course to my co-workers.” Mike Atwater – Surrey, Canada

“Your class has taught me that film production isn’t as complicated as I thought it was. Lots of film fans and students talk about shots. Now I know that shots are overrated. Directing isn’t about cool shots but how simply, efficiently, and interestingly you tell your story working with the actors. I’ve also developed more confidence in talking to actors. I’ve learned that it ain’t about telling them what to do every step of the way but bringing out a performance in them with very little directing (words) as possible.” Charles Kim – Singapore

“Hailing from India, I had no exposure to the Hollywood style and also the technicalities. The 2 week workshop under your guidance was fabulous and an eye opener session. I have been an out-an-out Technical person but during the training under you I learned about the art of visualization and conceptualization. There was also a lot of cross cultural exchange and emotional bonding within the class because of you.” Anjali Jha – India

“Peter is a great instructor. He is very willing to share with us his experience in film directing. He creates a very relaxed and cordial environment for the class and gave us the opportunities to ask and share ideas in class. He is quite knowledgeable in the subject and he said many key concepts that left lasting impressions. Its been a great experience learning from him.” Kevin Peng – Singapore

(TBC) My 2018 Film Workshop Schedule
(This is my film workshop schedule for 2018. If you are interested in participating in any of these workshops, please email the contact person I have included with the workshop link below.)

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