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Testimonials and Comments for Peter D. Marshall

1. Workshop Testimonials and Feedback These are some of the testimonials and comments from filmmakers around the world who have taken my filmmaking workshops.

Peter D. Marshall’s Directing Actors workshop was a wonderful opportunity for the team to step away from the day-to-day grind of production and focus on improving our directing skills. The workshop was well thought out and had a nice balance of lecture and hands-on training; and Peter’s feedback was thorough, thoughtful and constructive. Whether we are working on something scripted or a documentary, each of us has had an opportunity to apply something we learned in the workshop to our current TELUS Studios productions.” Sandi Gisbert, Senior Producer, TELUS Studios

“I have taken several directing courses and Peter’s course by far, takes the gold star. This impressive, condensed seminar saturates years of experience and learning and presents it in an easy to use package. A definite recommendation.” Trevor McWhinney – Vancouver, Canada

“Peter D. Marshall’s “Essentials of Film Directing” workshop was a great way to spend a weekend with fellow filmmakers. I especially liked how Peter stressed the importance of establishing trust and mutual respect when working with actors. The workshop was entertaining, interactive and a pleasant environment to listen and learn about new philosophies.” Audrey Hellmer, Screenwriter, Vancouver, Canada.

“Fantastic course, fantastic instructor. In a brief 4 day course, Peter D. Marshall has provided various tools for the would be directors in his class. Through discussions, film clips, handouts and hands-on exercises, he has shown us the process involved in directing. He touched on the politics, the story, and performance. An incredible valuable course, at an incredible affordable price. Thank you for the mantra “Motives Determine Behaviour” and helping us create TRUTH. This process of discovery was fantastic.” Warren Dean Fulton – Vancouver, Canada

“First, I would like to say thanks to Peter Marshall, he has been an inspiration to me. It was a great course, very helpful and useful. I got a good idea about directing and it’s politics and how it works. Peter’s workshop was very effective and overwhelming.” Shaima Tahboub, Dubai, UAE

“Peter’s course in directing is a great insight into the process of film direction from a practical perspective. Combining theory with nuts and bolts, I got a good idea of how to make the emotional content of a scene work – and how to isolate the problems when it doesn’t. Great involvement in the process.” Chris Baudat – New Westminster, Canada

Mr. Peter D. Marshall is very inspirational to a new Indie filmmaker like myself but also to the seasoned veteran filmmakers I met that also attended his Film Directing Essentials workshop.  As an instructor, he breaks it down in a way that is straightforward and really easy to understand and uses examples from his invaluable set experiences as a Director and AD.”  Thomas Ma, Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada.

“I found Peter’s workshop very inspiring. Peter’s obvious passion for the art of cinema was contagious. The workshop was a great opportunity to refresh my viewpoint, and to put myself in the director’s mind set. It even inspired me to work out some of my own script ideas that had stalled and were suddenly unblocked! I now have a new perspective on the power of moviemaking and the realities of the Director’s role. Thank you Peter.” Annabelle Wilczur – Vancouver, Canada

“I’ll be shooting my first film in the next 30 days. This course came as a surprise birthday present. It was a godsend. I would have been fracked if I hadn’t taken the workshop. There were so many essential elements that I would have missed. Peter’s course is helping me hit the ground running and as a result, I feel much more confident and sure. Thanks Peter.” Frederick Heartline – Vancouver, Canada

“Very in-depth class with a great way to express the director’s role. The role playing was a fantastic way for me to learn to compose a scene, deal with actors and understand what is needed for the story, Peter, you have obviously put a lot of work into preparing and delivering this workshop. I learned a lot. Thank you.” Alexandra Pacheco – Burnaby, Canada

“Fun film clips, great stories and interesting insight into what the role of the director is. Loved the last exercise. Thanks.” Jennifer Nelson – Vancouver, Canada.

“Wow. Peter packed in years of research, experience and his passion for directing in four days. In doing so, he managed to present the essentials of what this course is about…directing. It was exactly what I was looking for…information and practical exercises that will help me to achieve my goals.” Greg Kansky – Vancouver, Canada

“Really enjoyed the workshop – lots of all around in-depth info. Put into a more basic and clearer overview of the director and other elements of filmmaking.” Cybelle Sarrazin – Delta, Canada

“Peter, this was an absolutely fantastic workshop filled with information, knowledge, and passion. Thank you.” Diego Marquina Quinzanos – Mexico City, Mexico

“Valuable insights into not only the mind set of the director, but also the actor, the character and the value of interpreting the story. I learned a lot about the director’s strategy about how to connect with the actors to bring vision to the story. Thanks Peter for sharing your excitement about directing. Fun, Fun, Fun! Great film clips – really felt as though we all grew from your constructive criticism and allowing and encouraging us to go for it!” Julie Slater – Vancouver, Canada

“I found the course inspirational and filled with great information. Thank you so much Peter. You’re generous and talented and it’s a privilege to have attended. Looking forward to the advanced course.” Tara Cowell-Plain – Vancouver, Canada

“Peter is a very knowledgeable and engaging instructor. In addition to being a great learning opportunity (and a lot of fun!) this course and workshop offered valuable insight into the director’s world. Thank you.” Bev White – North Vancouver, Canada

“Great course! Learned more about directing in Peter’s course than working on a set for months as an assistant director. I recommend it to anyone who wants to really understand the role of the director on set and for anyone who wants to expand his skills on set.” Asher M. Isak – Vancouver, Canada

“A well rounded workshop that combines informative theory, group discussion and hands-on application. Peter offers something for everyone, from the PA to the experienced director. Nobody gets left behind – everybody gets stimulated.” John MacCarthy – Vancouver, Canada

“A powerful, passionate person. A real pleasure to listen and learn from.” Jennifer Kidd – Vancouver, Canada

“Thanks again for offering “The Art Of The Director”…a great learning experience….for me, there were many mysteries solved and 1000 assumptions debunked as to the role and focus of the director: a wonderful confidence builder.” Patrick Stark – Vancouver, Canada

“A two month course in 4 days. All the main points, but in a condensed, comprehensive and understandable format. Worth it!” Bonnie Benwick, Vancouver, Canada

“A very good course explaining the basics of directing. A great use of film clips to demonstrate the theory. Peter uses his knowledge and experience to help us understand the theory. A worthwhile four days.” Sandra Mayo – Vancouver, Canada

“Tons of good information from a practical, working director.” Ty Haller – Vancouver, Canada

“Other than the course outline, there are no rules! This is a layed back, informative look at directing. Experience is a good teacher and Peter speaks from experience.” Jody Ryan – Surrey, Canada

“I am greatful to benefit from Peter’s wealth of experience. The workshop has been very enjoyable and truly inspirational.” Ian Jarvis – Vancouver, Canada

“A very inspiring workshop that leaves me wanting to move onto the next level. Peter’s years of experience brought many levels of information to the class.” Cindy Smith – Vancouver, Canada

“I found Peter’s course of great value. Give me more please.” Michael J. Bateman – Victoria, Canada

“The course was enjoyable and extremely well thought out. I learned a lot and it reinforced what I already knew. I will recommend the course to my co-workers.” Mike Atwater – Surrey, Canada

“Your class has taught me that film production isn’t as complicated as I thought it was. Lots of film fans and students talk about shots. Now I know that shots are overrated. Directing isn’t about cool shots but how simply, efficiently, and interestingly you tell your story working with the actors. I’ve also developed more confidence in talking to actors. I’ve learned that it ain’t about telling them what to do every step of the way but bringing out a performance in them with very little directing (words) as possible.” Charles Kim – Singapore

“Hailing from India, I had no exposure to the Hollywood style and also the technicalities. The 2 week workshop under your guidance was fabulous and an eye opener session. I have been an out-an-out Technical person but during the training under you I learned about the art of visualization and conceptualization. There was also a lot of cross cultural exchange and emotional bonding within the class because of you.” Anjali Jha – India

“Peter is a great instructor. He is very willing to share with us his experience in film directing. He creates a very relaxed and cordial environment for the class and gave us the opportunities to ask and share ideas in class. He is quite knowledgeable in the subject and he said many key concepts that left lasting impressions. Its been a great experience learning from him.” Kevin Peng – Singapore

2. Online Courses Testimonials and Feedback These are some of the testimonials and comments from filmmakers around the world who have purchased my Online filmmaking courses.

“I have downloaded and reviewed all of your materials in the The Art and Craft of the Director  seminar. I found the materials easy to understand and valuable. As a director and cinema professor, I was impressed with the depth of support materials you provided and thoroughness in which you approached each topic. Thank you.” Robert G. Nulph, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Convergent Media, Missouri Western State University.

“I am still enjoying soooo much for everyday inspiration your 10-day audio workshop. I listen to it every morning during my 2 hour run, usually three to four days of workshop, and even after hearing it so many times, each day another points, ideas, advices bring me renew inspiration for my writing, story boarding etc.  Thank you for your wonderful contribution to us, less experienced filmmakers.” Zdenka Simandlova, (Prague, Czech Republic)

“I’m just after finishing the first draft of my first short script in twenty-two years and this article and others on script breakdown have been great for making notes and changes and understanding the piece in a clearer way than when I tried my last short. I’ll be referring back to the one on blocking later no doubt. It’s quite hard to find to-the-point articles on this kind of thing. Many of the headlines imply a practical article but they seem to collapse into memoir or pep-talks instead of this kind of useful advice.” Ciarán MacAoidh, (Ireland)

“I couldn’t be happier for the purchase I made. As an Independent filmmaker, to receive the professional knowledge and hands on experience your program offers, is priceless, I have bought in the past other self help programs but none get close to what you have to offer. In retrospect, if I were asked which program should an Indie Filmmaker choose if limited by resources, I strongly recommend yours.” Cecilia Bravo-Mittmann, (Chicago, USA)

“I have received and down-loaded the material, and thank you for the follow up.  I am in the middle of day four.  You have packed this course with all sorts of very interesting links and resources – so thank you!  I am very much enjoying the material, and the interview with Mike was very good for me and where I am at in my directing / writing..” Jeff Holt, (Tacoma, Washington, USA.)

“I would highly recommend this Ebook to anyone at any level of filmmaking as a way to increase your knowledge about the craft. You do not have to be a 1st AD aspirant, just seriously interested in how to better organize and plan your movie making. Mr. Marshall has laid out his career experiences like a ladder for you to climb to success.” Mark Willner, Portland, OR, USA

“I just wanted to send you a quick email expressing my gratitude for the courses you have put together. I’m reading through the script breakdown course now and it’s great. The amount of passion you have for filmmaking is evident and truly inspirational. I don’t send email’s of appreciation often, but I felt a sense of obligation to send this one.  I’m sure you hear it all the time, but thank you for doing what you do. These courses for someone like me,  who is just starting out in filmmaking, are invaluable.” Talibudeen Peeples, (Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.)

“I was co-directing a music video on the weekend and a lot of the advice from your seminar stuck in my head and helped me through the two days. Just wanted to say thank you and that your audio seminar definitely helped a lot, especially the info about director prep and how to work with people.” Luke White, Gravesend, United Kingdom

“Great resource and extremely well done. As a working film professional I am constantly learning more about my craft and honing my skills. Your dedication and work is to be congratulated.” Julian Grant, Toronto, Canada

“I definitely thought this course was worthwhile and informative.  It helped to flesh out some of my own vague ideas about how the industry of film worked and it helped me to reconceptualize many misconceptions I had about the industry and politics of the business.  While the course alone was worth every penny and minute, the website attachments and ideas for books were an added bonus that provided me with every opportunity to continue to learn the valuable ins and outs of the business. Thanks again.” Todd Donnelly – Brooklyn NY, USA

“We purchased your course to further ourselves as Producers. It’s been great for that but, I also found that your insights on the  relationship between Producers, Directors and AD’s opened a door I  could not peer through before the course. As a Scout we are brought on  early in prep to help fulfill the Director’s vision of the project.  Often we do not know the dynamics involved in the show, your course  gave me information and insights that I would never find in an EP  Scheduling workshop.” Ken MacAlpine (Vancouver, Canada)

“I have really enjoyed the seminar and have learned so much from all your experiences and thoughts about the film industry. I recently graduated from college (it was not a “film school”) and none of my film classes covered anything like what your seminar taught me. Your real world experience and detailed analysis of the movie-making process covered more ground and made so much sense to me; it was the cake when all I’d had was icing. Thanks for all your time in research and preparation. This seminar was invaluable. You and I will probably never know how your lessons will play a part in my life and career.” Lauren Morton, California, USA

“I have listened to the audio files and found the information to be confidence boosting and extremely informative. I strongly recommend it to film makers of any level, especially the amateurs, to purchase this course…because it’s WORTH a full time film school. Peter thanks for your contribution to the budding film makers. I will be the first person to invest on your forth coming courses.” Amar – India

“Just ordered the course, great price! I liked what you said about passion and truth, that is the crux of the whole thing and it is  what sold me more than anything about buying this course.  Without those two qualities, one might as well sweep floors or do any other job for that matter.” Pete Castellano – Assistant Dean, Finance, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of Arizona

“I want to thank you for putting together this informative Director audio seminar. It is a superb teaching tool, loaded with tips and information. While I have gone thro’ the entire 10 daily seminars, there is no way that one can absorb all the details in that short period of time. It will take many weeks to digest this content. You have given hope – that as a screenwriter, I can believe to one day direct my own film projects.” Myrna Petersen, Regina, Sask. Canada

“Thanks so much for creating the Audio Seminar, and for keeping it up to date.  This has to be the most comprehensive hub of knowledge on the subject one has ever put together.  You have done amazing research. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experiences in the audio seminar.  It has truly been inspiring.  I will be listening and referring to it frequently for many years.” Jeffrey Michael Bays, Sydney, Australia

“I got a copy of the The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar and ever since I take it with me all the time. It’s become one of those things I jealously keep among my very personal stuff. I listen to a few chapters every time I can on the plane or before going to sleep, and I must say it is a priceless piece of work full of great advice. Thanks a lot Peter and please keep it up because you’re doing a great job for all of us wanting to know more and more about filmmaking.” Enrico Trippa, advertising film director, Spain/Italy

“It was very informative and I enjoyed the odd time out from my usual routine to sit in front of the computer and get away to a place of infinite discovery.” Patrick Wilson – Sydney, Australia

“Wow! If only I had your guide in hand when I started! I am impressed with the content, the pacing of it, the amount of coverage you give to each chapter and the stories… oh yes, the stories are a perfect place to cut to for a moment of entertaining and informative levity.” Greg Fawcett, Los Angeles, CA. USA

“As an indie filmmaker, this course has given me the knowledge, and the confidence, to prepare a shooting schedule that will optimize the efforts of the entire cast and crew.” Larry D. Barr, Stephenville, Texas, USA

“I just finished reading your book Script Breakdown & Film Scheduling. It’s an amazing and meticulous resource. Worth every cent. The blocking section was one of the most resourceful chapters for me. I have always been reluctant to take the initiative when it comes to blocking. It’s imperative when working with first time directors. Getting more information on production boards was invaluable.” Jesus Sifuentes, San Antonio, Texas USA

“You go to Film School and expect to learn everything there is about filmmaking. The reality is that you can’t learn everything about the job of being a filmmaker. One of the biggest holes in my film school education was the fact that I had absolutely no understanding of how to do a complete script breakdown and how to schedule a film. I cannot say how glad I am that Peter created this book because there is no way, other than working 20 years in the industry, that I could have learned all this. It’s a must read.” Max Marois, Vancouver, Canada

“Received by Ebook and already storming through it.  I was hired for my first AD job this month in Michigan. Your book had ALREADY helped me so much — I was able to ask the LA based Director and DOP pointed questions and got them talking about set protocols that we’d not covered in previous meetings.  I also think this is a valuable tool for cinema and television production educators and will recommend it to my university colleagues. Thanks so much already!” Dr J. Machiorlatti, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

“Ace bonus Peter, absolutely ace!!! It means a lot to get the bonus mp3’s. I’m an audio centered learner anyway, so mp3’s are always welcome as I ‘love to listen.’ They’re really helpful to people like me.” John Travers, Brisbane, Australia USA

“I have really enjoyed the copy of ‘Script Breakdown and Film Scheduling Online Course For Independent Filmmakers’. It is worth it. I think everyone who is interested in the TV or Film business must read this document. There is wealth of information provided in this copy.” Vince Kumar, Mather, CA, USA.

“Peter Marshall’s ‘Script breakdown and film scheduling course’ is worth its weight in gold as it gives Indie filmmakers like me a very clear and detailed information. I can blindly follow his schedule and I will be ensured that the end product is a very good quality short film. I recommend it to students of cinema and indie filmmakers.” Hrish Thota, Bangalore, India

“The course is great, Thank You! The video portion was great as well, the added visuals supported the writing.” Alan Farris, Chicago, Ill, USA

“Great course.  I thoroughly enjoyed your outlook, attitude and stories.  I have been AD’ing since the mid ’90s and still found little things to put in my tool box. The course was indeed clear and understandable.  As a 1st AD, you always wonder if you’re doing it right, glad to see that I am.” James Rait, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I graduated from film school a few years ago and I always wished they would have covered the things that you include in this course in my production classes. This course is very helpful!” Ana Sainz, Chicago, IL, USA

“Peter, I am a beginning video maker. I now produce an interview TV show on community TV. Your material is very advanced for me but a resource that
I could not pass up. I had the 137 page book professionally printed-out with the articles. You have a complete course that is worth more than the small price that I paid. For that I thank you as I would not have purchased it at a higher price.” Frank Gasiorowski (Glen Burnie, Maryland, USA)

“Peter, your online course is AWESOME. Talk about bang for the buck. Thanks so much.” Mark Korven (Toronto, Canada)

“Just a quick note to say that I am VERY happy with the materials I purchased from you tonight. Top of the line work.” Pat Corbitt (New York, USA)

3. ActionCutPrint.com or “The Director’s Chair Monthly Ezine These are just some of the testimonials and comments from filmmakers around the world who have searched through Action-Cut-Print or who have subscribed to the monthly ezine, “The Director’s Chair”.

“Hello Peter, my name is Mathew, 38, a learning filmmaker from Wellington NZ and I’m writing to thank you for passing on so much relevant information, dedicated towards telling and making awesome movies, to people like myself. All your industry years Peter and thoughts – wow, shared with us as simple unpretentious points for those out there who really do want to know what it takes to succeed in this industry, but are still on the road to the goal. The ‘spirit’ of filmmaking, though, is well and truly alive thanks to a generosity that always has been real moviemaking – and you’ve got it.” Mathew – Wellington, New Zealand
“Just wanted to let you know, I’ve been reading some of your Director’s Chair issues – this is such a cool site, I’m proud to be listed in it. Keep it up and best regards.” Alain Bismut – Paris, France
“I found your wonderful site only a few days ago, and I’m enjoying it so much, that I really wanted to thank you for being so generous and sharing all of your knowledge and experience (and laughs) with everyone.” Liron Cohen, Israel
“I continue to enjoy your excellent email newsletter. Thanks and keep delivering great quality my friend.” Nick Dunning, London, England
“Just thought I’d tell you that I found this recent feature article of ‘The Director’s Chair’ to be very timely and helpful.” Deborah M. Benton, Youngstown, U.S.A.
“You have been generous in sharing your experience; selfless in taking the time to reveal your knowledge. Thank you. You are literally, a veritable oasis in the desert.” Allan Sussman, Bangkok, Thailand
“I am an actor and the leader of a networking organization for filmmakers in the Bay Area called San Francisco Indieclub: http://www.indieclub.com We have over 575+ members (filmmakers, crew and talent) in our local chapter alone and over 14,000 members worldwide! I just sent out a group newsletter advising our members about your wonderful site and encouraging them to join your list, too. Thanks for all your hard work, dedication and valuable information that you provide!” Glorinda Marie, San Francisco, CA, USA
“I am an Egyptian student at the American University in Cairo. I want to become a movie director. I minored in film, as we don’t have it as a major here. I just want to tell you that subscribing to your magazine is one of the best things that happened to me during my searching for film directing information and tips. You take care of minor things that make a big difference. It was quite useful for me. Thank you for having this magazine.” Taghrid Abdel-Maksoud, Cairo, Egypt
“I am only 16 years old, and live in the UK, but have a keen interest in working with film. Your ezine looks brilliant, would love to recieve it! I plan to practice some of the tips you have mentioned, with my home video camera and a few friends. Thanks for the great insight!” Simon Russell, Southampton, England
“I did not want to pass up this opportunity to say thank you for all that you are doing with this e-zine. I really do appreciate the personal approach you take with it and the info and contacts and ideas contained within are priceless for someone who is starting out.” Angelique Richardson, Australia
“I’m just getting into the art of script writing and movie making at age 32 and I have found it very helpful going through the back issues of the ezine.” Rory Mcilvain, Turlock, CA USA
“I just wanted to say thank you for such a well researched and comprehensive site….Now that we have ADSL in our production office-it is an instant favourite.” Danny McWilliams, Canada
“My name is Lee Sneddon and I recently joined your mailing list for the free e-zine ‘The Directors Chair’. I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with what I have received and to let you know you are doing a wonderful job with the site (Action-Cut-Print).” Lee Sneddon, Scotland
I just wanted to drop a short note to say Thank You for the monthly e.mails. (The Director’s Chair) I really look forward to hearing from you. There’s so much helpful information that you send out (for free!). I started a casting and talent agency 6 months ago and your info has helped me out tremendously. Originally I had no idea that I would receive contacts for crews, etc. but because of reading your e.mails I became familiar with other parts of the industry and felt comfortable in meeting with crews, writers, directors, etc and now I have an agreement to book them as well. I’m really grateful for your services. Kathy Gatlin, MUSE Productions International, USA
“Had an opportunity to look at the website. Brilliant, Peter!” Shirley Gentner, Director’s Guild of Canada – BC District Council, Canada
“This website is one of the best film websites on the web. Keep up the good work.” Bjai Vikram, India
“Found your site thru BCDGC website…just wanted to say good job…very informative site.” Ben Derrick, Canada