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Subscriber Links

Rajwans Business and Entertainment Law (Jindra Rajwans) – Film and television agreements (option agreements, film financing, production & distribution); Copyright registration; Trade-mark issues; Confidentiality and non-disclosure issues. The entertainment area of the practice focuses on providing legal services to writers, directors, producers, actors, musicians or other professionals, and companies in the entertainment industry.

13 Strange Tales (Steve Bishart) – Production has just begun on 13 Strange Tales, a series of 13 24 minute short films inspired by productions like “The Twilight Zone, Tales From The Dark side, Tales of the Crypt, One Step Beyond, The Outer Limits. The show is geared towards “Baby Boomers” and Adults who enjoy a thrilling mysterious story to escape the world if only for a half hour. Using the latest technology and classic stories from the past, Steve Bishart, the show’s creator, aims to amuse you and confuse you through Television, DVD, Internet Streaming and Pay Per view.

Bruce Lucas Productions Inc (Bruce Lucas) – Bruce Lucas has won critical acclaim for his independent dramatic short film entitled “A Walk in the Dark” starring Mike McGlone (The Brothers McMullen, Hardball, She’s the One, The Bone Collector) and Tertia Lynch, (The Sopranos, Guiding Light, Hank Williams: Lost Highway) where he served as both Director and Executive Producer. Bruce received the WRITEMOVIES.COM ­ 2003 “Award for Outstanding Achievement as a Director” and “A Walk in the Dark” has screened in over 20 film festivals in the USA, London, Russia, India, and Thailand and won the EUROSHORTS 2004 Audience Choice Award in Poland.

Brad Richard Seminars (Brad Richard) – Brad has an energy and enthusiasm that few can match and all find contagious! He is a dynamic public speaker with a life-changing message! His delivery is entertaining and engaging. His high energy and thought provoking message will grab your attention and keep you hanging on EVERY word! Brad also hosts an Internet talk radio show, “Alivewiredu.”

Zeinc Creative Media Production (Jose Ramon Zeinc Bobea) – From Pre To Post Beta-Dv-16Mm-35Mm And New Media We Got You Covered Not Saying It Cant Be Done, But Finding Ways To Make It On Time And On Budget. We are a video and film production boutique, based in the Dominican Republic, specializing in all parts of the production process from pre to post we got u covered with the best budget and an excellent crew, we handle permits, locations, grips, and all of your production needs, call and give us a try.

(Y.A.F.I) Underground (Cole McDonald) – Started in 1987 as a music production company for a few friends, YAFI:Underground Records has become a media inclusive production company under which we release any of our creative pursuits. We tend to like to share our learning as well and have a How-To make your own movie section. I’ve also added a camera side checklist for you to print. This is the workflow that we’ve developed through trial and error. It just happens to match what I’ve learned is the correct way to do this sort of thing.

Composer/SongWriter (Romain Rosenblatt) – My name is Romain Rosenblatt, I am a French composer/song writer. I create and produce music for Films, TV, Video Games, Records….many different styles: HipHop R&B Electro Ambiant Classical Action Asian Dramatic music etc…I also work for a publishing company with a big catalog. I’m ready to work music on many projects. I live in France but I will stay in Marina del Rey/ Los Angeles from Monday 08th of May till 09th of June where I will meet a lot of music supervisors…..so contact me.

Screenwriter (Michael Daramola) – I am a screenwriter with great flair for writing. I just finished work on my first AFRO-HOLLYWOOD script, it’s an intriguing and very outstanding story between Africa and the Western world. I am still working on some outstanding scripts of mine, please get me connected with interested movie makers that would love to come down to Africa to explore all of her wonderful endowments.

Flatboy Productions (David Enedy) – We are a 3D Animation and Effects studio located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I just wanted to let you know that our new website is online. We have a few new projects up too! Check it out when you get a minute…

A Time Out of Rhyme (Randy West) – This musical is getting geared up to be performance ready and the new screenplay has been submitted to a variety of movie festivals and contests. The first of these contests was the 2006 Iowa Motion Picture Association Awards where the screenplay version of this musical fantasy just won The Award of Excellence as Best Non-produced Screenplay .

Ignitionfilms (Michele Band) – I am still relatively young, 34, (although that’s old for a professional athlete, I suppose) and have concentrated on directing for kids and young adults. Granted, that most likely puts me in an extremely confined category, but I’ve been doing it for over 11 years and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I freelance locally in both New York and LA, although my home is in the city with better deli. For the past 2 years, I have collaborated with my good friend and DP, Adam Biggs on many large budget shoots, include clients such as Wal-Mart, Kohls, Nickelodeon, Toys R Us and Build-A-Bear. All reels and spots can be seen at www.ignitionfilms.com.

Student of Film (Shirley Okwi) – I am a student of film at Makerere University in Uganda and I write film scripts for short films and also feature films. I have finished writing my short film and I’m writing a feature film now. The other thing about me is that I am a very good actress and it’s just that I have not had the opportunity at the international level. Another thing I wanted to let you know is about the 3rd Amakula International Film Festival in Kampala, Uganda. This is usually a 10 day celebration of film that brings together film makers from Africa, Asia and other parts of the world.

Blue Ocean Films (Rob Mitchell) – A Toronto based film production company, recently transposed from Miami Beach. We produce commercials, Indies and documentaries. Our most recent endeavour is a documentary on the Santa Barbara wine region featuring Fess Parker of Davy Crockett fame. Past projects have included Hotels, tourism and the Miami Beach Police Department.

Flmmomentum.com (A.J. Wedding) – We are a production company that excels at low budget independent production, from short films to commercials and feature films. We specialize at bringing your project in on time and on budget, using your contacts in the industry as well as our wealth of HD production equipment. Check out our website to see some of our work! We do not look for funding, but once you have it, we can get your project done ON BUDGET! Feel free to email us at aj@filmmomentum.com

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