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Film Funnies, Movie Mistakes, Film Quotes, Movie Cliches and Jokes

201 Things You Wouldn’t Know Without Movies or TelevisionGrab your Free copy of this humorous list of “201 Things You Wouldn’t Know Without Movies or Television.” I have also included 4 additional BONUS lists for you enjoyment.

And don’t forget to pass this file on to your friends. Putting a smile on someone’s face is one of the most gratifying things in life. So please, FORWARD this file to a friend, family member or associate. It could be the highlight of their day – as long as they have the same sense of humor you do!

Film Funnies, Quotes and Movie Mistakes

10 Things you Need to Know to Become a Film Director

Adbusters – Spoof Ads

Big List of Movie Mistakes

Big List of TV Mistakes

Cinematic Slip-Ups

Colin’s Movie Monologue Page

DUMPS – Student Film Advice

Famous Quotes

Film and TV Quotes

Film Flubs

Film Goofs

Greatest Quotes from Great Films

How to Tell a Chick Flick From a Macho Movie

Movie and Television Mistakes

Movie Cliches



Movie Quotes

Plot-o-matic ™ Movie Plot Generator

Robert Rodriguez’s 10-minute Film School

Star Wars Blooper Guide

The Editing Room – Abridged Scripts for Movies

The Flubs of Jurassic Park

The MovieQuotes Site

The Nitpickers Sites



Whoops! Movie Goofs, Flubs, Flaws and Mistakes


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