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by Peter D Marshall

201 Things You Wouldn’t Know Without Movies or TelevisionGrab your Free copy of this humorous list of “201 Things You Wouldn’t Know Without Movies or Television.” I have also included 4 additional BONUS lists for you enjoyment.

And don’t forget to pass this file on to your friends. Putting a smile on someone’s face is one of the most gratifying things in life. So please, FORWARD this file to a friend, family member or associate. It could be the highlight of their day – as long as they have the same sense of humor you do!

Film Funnies, Quotes and Movie Mistakes

10 Things you Need to Know to Become a Film Director

Adbusters – Spoof Ads

Big List of Movie Mistakes

Big List of TV Mistakes

Cinematic Slip-Ups

Colin’s Movie Monologue Page

DUMPS – Student Film Advice

Famous Quotes

Film and TV Quotes

Film Flubs

Film Goofs

Greatest Quotes from Great Films

How to Tell a Chick Flick From a Macho Movie

Movie and Television Mistakes

Movie Cliches



Movie Quotes

Plot-o-matic ™ Movie Plot Generator

Robert Rodriguez’s 10-minute Film School

Star Wars Blooper Guide

The Editing Room – Abridged Scripts for Movies

The Flubs of Jurassic Park

The MovieQuotes Site

The Nitpickers Sites


Whoops! Movie Goofs, Flubs, Flaws and Mistakes


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