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Filmmaking Products and Online Courses

1. “The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar” by Peter D. Marshall is is a 238 page multi-media Online course that demystifies the process of directing and fast tracks your way to becoming a working Film and TV director.

2.Script Breakdown & Film Scheduling Online Course” by Peter D. Marshall is a 160 page course that shows you how to design a reliable shooting schedule for Feature Films and Television Productions.

3.Creating the Daily Prep Schedule for Film and Television” by Peter D. Marshall is a 100 page ebook containing 11 finished daily prep schedules that show you step-by-step, day-by-day, meeting-by-meeting, what “actually occurred” during prep on 11 real film and Television productions.

4. The “Movie Maker Action Pack” by Jason Brubaker s a simple step-by-step proven system that shows first time feature filmmakers little-known new methods how to make movies and collect paychecks.

5.Think Outside the Box Office” by John Reiss is the ultimate guide to film distribution and movie marketing for the digital age.