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Filmmaking and Television Resources

This page includes a variety of informative and interesting links to useful Film and Television websites. If you want to exchange links with this website, please email me at: pdm@actioncutprint.com

Film and Television Production Resources

50 Spiritual Movies – Free Ebook – 50 Spiritual Movies reviews the best motivational and inspirational cinema and offers links to worthy charities. The Spiritual Movies site features spiritual articles and movie reviews as well as spiritual tools for spiritual growth. Help others and find out how many of these 50 motivational movies you’ve seen.

AACTION – Casting A Production in Canada? AACTION provides a FREE Breakdown Service to Talent, Casting and Production Companies.

Acting Depot – Instant access to industry contacts, acting resources and casting calls.

Actor-Talk – is a free website for enthusiasts of theatre, acting and actors. Whether you’re a professional Hollywood actor or an aspiring amateur actor, this site has something to offer veteran and young actors alike. Look for information on writing an actor resume, how to be a voice actor, the art and technique of the character actor and how to become an actor.

Actors Theatre Workshop – The Actors Theatre Workshop is an establish pioneer in non-profit theatre that produces classical and contemporary plays, develops new dramatic works, trains and develops actors, writers and directors while making a difference in the lives of homeless children and the community at large.

Ad Agency India – Cine Dreams film corporation specializes in arranging international film shoots in India.

Anteprima Film – Guarda tutti i trailer dei film in uscita con Filmtrailer.com

Artistwebsite.com – A film casting web site that helps actors get more work. They spend hours putting together current casting info, and promoting this site to casting agents.

Arts-Directory.org(Movies) – Movies Web Directory

Bay Islands Film Company – occupies a unique niche in the marketplace. We are based on Denman Island, one of the magical Gulf islands, located between the British Columbia mainland and Vancouver Island, Canada. We are dedicated to the production of documentary and dramatic films set in far-flung destinations, often, only accessible by boat.

Best Videomaker – Edoardo Nolfo is an award-winning film and video maker, cameraman and editor, available for all your video production needs. (Also, check out his film and video articles.)

British Screenwriting Institute – The BSI consists of a team of film industry professionals with many years of Film and Television experience between them…and they are here to help. All of their advisors and consultants are working in the industry right now. And don’t forget to sign up for the Free 7 Part Screenwriting Course.

Brooks Institute – Brooks Institute is designed for anyone who aspires to a career in photography, filmmaking or graphic design.

Cast & Crew Pit StopCast & Crew Pit Stop is a new site dedicated to cast, crew, and all others interested in Film, Video, TV, and Event production. Find crew books, every play in the world, media contact resources, free classifieds, gig sources, free press releases, organizations, production equipment, crew, and much more.

Casting Connection – Casting Connection helps actors and crew find work, while assisting filmmakers and independent producers cast and crew their projects. The articles and interviews offer information and education, while the job listings offer access to the professionals needed to make successful projects, and satisfying careers.

Cinema Training Center Film School – is a vocational trade film school where working professionals train future pros. The institution’s courses of study can prepare you for a lifetime career of employment in the motion picture and television industries.

College Film – College-Film.com is an independent and student film resource and community. We offer student film streaming, low-budget filmmaking tips, student film festival and film society listings, screenwriting tips, grant and budget information as well as reviews, articles, filmmaker bios, script downloads and much more.

Coverscript – Professional screenplay services.

Cyber Film School – a very large Internet moviemaking resource. CFS combines a movie portal with monthly articles, columns, forums, movie news, reviews and an exclusive online movie school encyclopedia.

Dare2Audition: Australian Acting & Audition Club – Find all the resources, auditions, acting classes and industry information and news to assist you with your acting career.

Deb Patz’s F.I.L.M. Blog – Deb Patz, film industry vetran and author of “Film Production Management 101” writes a F.I.L.M. (Fun… Inspiration… Life… Management) Blog to entertain, to inspire, to mentor about the industry… especially when you only have a moment or two to spare in this busy lifestyle.

‘Direct the Money’ In Film Production’ – Gain a FAMILIARITY with Film Budgets and Film Production Weekly Cost Reports, written for the Film Directors, Film Producers, Film Crew and Film Students. MAKE opportunities in film & video production by speaking the same language as those who hold your future in their hands – experienced Film Producers, Studio Execs, Bonding Companies, Investors, etc.

Documentary Films – This site provides useful information about bestselling documentary films in the world by quoting reviews from trusted sources and placing links if you want to find more info about some particular documentary.

Fast Forward Productions – One of Ireland’s leading and most experienced video production companies. Services include:
Corporate Video Production, TV Production, Web Streaming, Event Coverage, Animation, Digital Editing

FilmAnchor.com – The Online Guide to Independent Filmmaking and Film Production; including, Techniques, Tutorials, Manuals, Film Courses, Free Software, Free Movie Scripts and Screenplays.

Film-Documentary.com Documentary films and biography movies captured through news and reviews.

Film-Makers.com – The ultimate online starting point for film-makers & film-lovers!

Film & TV Connection – Film Connection: an entertainment industry talent placement service with 5,000 students worldwide who train on-site at major film studios, video production companies, radio and TV stations, recording studios and record labels.

Filmtrailer.com zeigt Trailer für Filme die jetzt im Kino laufen, oder bald in die Kinos kommen!

FilmCommissionHQ.com – is the world’s most current, accurate and complete online directory of Film Commissions and media support offices, allowing media professionals to find regional production expertise quickly.

Filmcue Music – provides film scores and sound design for Film, Television and Advertising.

Filmmakers – Filmmakers community and filmmaking resource for independent film makers.

Filmmaking-Careers – A resource for film making information; including cinematography, high-def videography, script writing, film education, and more.

Filmmaking Lifestyle – Filmmaking Lifestyle aims to bring our readers a taste of independent filmmaking with emphasis on the lifestyle of filmmaking. We also want to approach filmmaking from an angle that hasn’t really been touched on yet – self development for filmmakers.

FilmStaff – Entertainment Jobs in Film Production and Television Production. Filmstaff.com is where producers go to find crew and other production resources. With hundreds of credits on Academy Award winning feature films, we take your entertainment career seriously. Do you?

FutureMovies.co.uk – This website offers everything you want to know about film production, including movie reviews and a filmmaking section where scriptwriters, directors and producers can gain invaluable insights into the film industry.

Hollywood North MagazineA comprehensive insight into Canada’s film and television industry

Hollywood-North.com – Hollywood North helps actors, models, casting directors and talent agents communicate more efficiently with each other. Actors and models have the ability to create personal portfolios which include photographs for the talent industry to access. Hollywood North offers a variety of benefits to its community and refreshing content that keeps pace with the entertainment industry.

Hollywood Script Express – Script submission and intellectual property registration service that lets you upload your script and have it professionally printed, bound and shipped from our Los Angeles Printers the same day.

Infocus-Magazine.com – Florida’s Film, Television and the Arts Magazine

IndieTalk – Filmmaking Forum – Discussion and resources for independent filmmakers – discuss filmmaking, screenwriting, financing, distribution, and more!

Independent Films – Information about Independent Films and Independent Film Festivals.

Indie Filmmaking – Learn how to film, edit and produce. Tips on camera technique, style, preparation and planning, post-production effects and non-linear editing.

Internet Movie Script Database – Movie scripts free for reading and downloading.

LearnFilm.net – is one of the biggest websites on the web dedicated to film industry. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to learn, make, finance, and distribute your film.

Life is Movie –  Film is a recreation of book. When the film maker is more literary, the film can surpass the book.

Lights Online Film School – Enroll in our online film school and learn how to create your own independent productions.

LineProducing.com – A source of information for current or aspiring line producers and unit production managers – created and maintained by Stephen Marinaccio, a working Line Producer and DGA UPM. Included are the building blocks of what you may need to know about doing this job, presenting the information in an equally educational way for the novice and veteran’s alike.

Microbudget Movies – A resource for all things related to the world of microbudget movies.

Monarch Films, Inc – is one of the leaders in the distribution of documentary films and reality programming to broadcast television worldwide. This site gives detailed synopsis, reviews, and streamed promo’s of all of Monarch’s 120 hours of programming. This site also features a submission area for filmmakers wanting to submit their programming to Monarch, indie film news, film festival contact list, and provides answers to filmmakers basic distribution questions.

Moondance International Film Festival – The original “Spirit of Moondance” competition is by and for women. Our objective for this competition is to promote and encourage women screenwriters, playwrights, short-story writers and women who make independent films, and the best work by women, in any genre of screenplays, feature films, animation, documentaries, short films, stage plays, radio plays, TV scripts, musical scores, lyrics, librettos, musical videos & short stories.
(Check out the article Elizabeth English wrote called, ” LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!” or Adventures in Judging Film Entries in a Film Festival – 27 Ways to Better Your Chances of Winning)

Movieplayer.it – An online magazine focused on Italian cinema, TV series, home videos and television programs with a huge database on the cinema with movies, TV series, and characters sheets, as well as continuous updates on everything related to current events and news of film and television world.

MyWritingTA.com – is a high quality, professional and affordable academic paper writing, editorial, and online tutoring firm staffed by advanced degreed writers. We provide students with ghostwritten and edited papers, resumes, cover letters, personal statements, scholarship reference letters, and much more. No project too big or too small.

New York Film Academy : The film school offers an intensive, hands-on, total immersion approach to learning. Our courses are taught through a balance of classroom instruction, hands-on workshops, and immediate experience. Celebrated guest speakers from the film, television, and media industries frequently visit the Academy to share their knowledge and experience with our students.

Petulla Pictures – Petulla Pictures is a unique production company that utilizes the power of the Internet to market films and TV productions.

Rajwans Business and Entertainment Law – Film and television agreements (option agreements, film financing, production & distribution); Copyright registration; Trade-mark issues; Confidentiality and non-disclosure issues.

Reelshow International – We are an international online resource for film students and film schools

Rex Sike’s Movie Beat – From Hollywood, California to Hollywood, Wisconsin discover film making at its finest through conversations with the finest film makers. Advice, stories and insights from professional to professional, including celebrities, authors, actors, directors, producers, cast, crew, casting directors, agents, managers, marketers and more….. it’s all here at Rex Sikes’ Movie Beat.

Santa Monica Productions – located in Marbella, Spain, Santa Monica Productions is a service production company that offers a full range of location and support services for the photo and film industry.

Screen Writer Tools – The Quick n’ Easy Guide to Screenwriting Software & Supplies On The Net!

Script Coverage – Sunset Script offers screenplay coverage and analysis, pitch contests, festivals, script reading, screenplay contests, entertainment industry networking and Hollywood insider news for advanced screenwriters.

Script P.I.M.P. – Script P.I.M.P. is a community based research tool designed for writers and film industry professionals. Since June 2000, Script P.I.M.P. has gathered the specific needs and submission guidelines of production and management companies, literary agencies, independent producers and creative executives searching for new material. Along with extensive resources, this information is now available in Script P.I.M.P.’s Writers Database.

Sydney International Film School – The Sydney International Film School is dedicated to developing serious careers in the film industry with particular emphasize on storytelling and film-business skills.This purpose driven environment created expressly to cultivate successful writers, producers and directors will empower them with the knowledge, skills and experience to confidently compete in this exciting industry.

The Acting Corps – Our approach is simple: you act in every single class-extensively, you learn from active working professionals, and then you are assisted and encouraged to get out in the real world and get a job. That’s right, a job – an acting job. Because after all we are here to get actors acting, end of story.

The Casting Studio – is a central location for promoting and identifying talent for UK television, commercials, film, theatre and modelling. The castingstudio is not a casting agency, but a professional promotion platform used by talented individuals and agencies alike to promote themselves and their artistes to the casting industry.

The Film WizardSam Longoria answers your movie tech questions.

Video Production – is a video production company with a wealth of experience in the production of all types of video and related media.

Video Production London – An innovative corporate video production company based in London, providing total video production services for corporate clients.

Wallywood – is an internet site dedicated to movie blunders.

WIFT – Women in Film and Television (Toronto) is a non-profit organization that helps members in film, television and digital media build, advance and sustain their careers nationally and internationally. Through the generous support of corporations and individuals WIFT-T provides professional development and networking opportunities, mentorships, awards and events for it’s members and the public..

Video Production – Visit Captive8media.com for information about corporate video production. It is a specialist in online streaming video for the internet.

Video Production UK – Tallboy are a London UK corporate video production company based in South London and can aid your business with a uniquely shot film production.

Video Production London – VBM Productions are a London video production company offering a full video production service

zineCAT – Vancouver’s online resource for news and opinion about the film and television industry.

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