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“Essentials of Film Directing” 2 Day Workshop with Peter D. Marshall (Toronto, Canada, June 23 & 24)

I will be teaching a 2 day film directing workshop (Essentials of Film Directing) in Toronto on June 23 and 24, 2012. This event is sponsored by Raindance Canada.

As of June 17, 39 filmmakers (from Canada, USA, South Africa, Haiti and Singapore) have registered for this 2 day intensive workshop.

A director is a storyteller, project manager and visionary. Many hats to wear and many responsibilities to balance. Most first time or early directors stumble into the job or fake it on their first shoot, but here’s a workshop that will provide the guidance, tools and tricks gleaned from both the best of Hollywood filmmaking to the most current successful indie film and television projects.

Raindance presents 2 intense days of straight-shooting talk, action and exercises from the acclaimed Peter D. Marshall, to help you become a confident director who knows what to do, from pre-production to yelling ‘that’s a wrap!’

Peter D. Marshall comes to Toronto via Hollywood and Vancouver for these two comprehensive and intense days, a must have for any filmmaker wanting to reach the next level of career success as a film or television director in the competitive film or TV industry.

Click here for more information on this 2 day film directing workshop.

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