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The Director's Chair Issue #82 – Jan. 20, 2008 (Using the Internet to Find Funding for Films)

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January 20, 2008                  Scene 9 – Take 1

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1. Introduction
2. Internet Marketing for Filmmakers
3. 15 Must-Have Freeware Programs for Filmmakers
4. The Director’s Chair Filmmakers Discussion Forum
5. Subscriber Shameless Self-Promotion
6. Subscriber Links of Interest
7. The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar
8. FEATURE ARTICLE – Using the Internet to Find Film Funding
9. Write an Article for The Director’s Chair
10. Filmmaking News, Websites and Events
11. Filmmaking Workshops
12. Back Issues of The Director’s Chair
13. Subscribe & Unsubscribe Information
14. Copyright Information


Welcome to Issue #82 of The Director’s Chair (Jan. 20/08)


Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bahamas,
Bangladesh, Barbados, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Botswana, Brazil, Bhutan, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, China,
Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican
Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Ethiopia, Faroe Islands, Finland,
France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland,
India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica,
Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Republic of Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon,
Liberia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico,
Monaco, Morocco, Namibia, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand,
Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Portugal,
Puerto Rico, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia,
Serbia and Montenegro, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sri
Lanka, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Tanzania,
Thailand, Trinidad and Tabago, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda,
United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States,
Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Zambia, Zimbabwe

NOTE: If your country is not represented here, please let me
know and I will add it to this ever growing list.

2) FEATURE ARTICLE – This month’s Feature Article is called
“Using the Internet to Find Funding for Your Film” by Ryan
Vinson. If you’re an up-and-coming filmmaker, you don’t have
the big coffers of studio money at your disposal like most
filmmakers in Hollywood. You know that you have to fight and
scrap for every cent you can get just to get your films
made, and even then, your budget is tight. That’s why
finding the right investors can increase the success of your
film. One of the benefits of modern technology is the advent
of the internet, and it is proving to be helpful in more
ways every single day. (see below to read article…)

From time to time I will contact you by email to inform you
of certain filmmaking workshops or film products that I feel
are beneficial to filmmakers like yourself. Of course, you
are under no obligation to purchase anything. I only offer
this information as a service to subscribers of this free

4) BLOG – Film Directing Tips and Resources Blog
Take a look at my Film Directing Blog and post some
filmmaking tips or add some resources. And please, make some
comments on the posts – your feedback is important to me
because they will help me decide on the content I will add
to this blog. http://filmdirectingtips.com/

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Peter D. Marshall

2. Internet Marketing (Workshops/Products) for Filmmakers

I’m creating some workshops and related products for
filmmakers on how to use Internet Marketing techniques for
promotion… BUT I need to know what filmmakers like
yourself want to know about using the Internet (and
especially social networking sites such as Facebook,
MySpace, Squidoo, YouTube etc.) for marketing and promoting
yourself or your films.

By participating in a quick survey of four questions, you
will help me decide on the content for my Internet Marketing
for Filmmakers website.

To help me out, could you please visit my Squidoo webpage at
http://www.squidoo.com/internetmarketingforfilmmakers and
participate in a quick poll of four questions.

1. Why do you want to know about Internet Marketing?
2. Do you have your own website or blog?
3. Which social networking website do you like the best?
4. Have you ever posted a Video or Demo Reel on YouTube?

Also, can I add you to my Internet Marketing mailing list?

This will enable me to contact only those subscribers who
are interested in using the internet (particularly Social
Networking Sites) for marketing and promotion.

If you want to find out more on how to use Internet
Marketing for promoting yourself or your films, click below
to get on my mailing list and to receive a free ebook called
“The Multi-Layered Mindset of Web 2.0 Marketing” describing
the evolution of Web 2.0. Click Here: mailto:imfm@aweber.com

3. 15 Must-Have Freeware Programs for Filmmakers

15 Must-Have Freeware Programs for Filmmakers

With all the pricey cameras and equipment, filmmaking isn’t
exactly a hobby that screams “cheap.” Lucky for all you free
stuff-loving geeks, there are some options available that
can help you make the most of your creative impulses. Many
shareware and freeware programs for film editing,
screenwriting, sound editing and storyboarding are available
for minimal or no cost on the Internet as alternatives to
more expensive programs that might do damage to your budget.
Here are a few freeware and shareware programs to help you
save a few bucks and still make a film that can “wow”.


4. The Director’s Chair Filmmakers Discussion Forum

The Director’s Chair Filmmakers Discussion Forum.

Ask film directing questions, submit your website for
review, post film and television directing links, share film
making tips and special events or just keep in touch with
other filmmakers from “The Director’s Chair.”

This forum is for subscribers of “The Director’s Chair”
only, so you will have to register in order to post
questions, give answers or add links. All you can do without
registering is read the posts.

NOTE: I have taken all the posts from the old discussion
forum and grouped them together under the category – Film
Production Questions (Questions and Answers from Old
Discussion Board)

Please visit this new forum now, sign up and take a look
around. http://www.actioncutprint.com/smf/index.php


Each month, I give two subscribers an opportunity to promote
themselves, their company or their productions in this
section. If you are interested, send your “shameless
self-promotion” to: mailto:pdm@actioncutprint.com.

Please limit your promotion to less than 200 words. I also
reserve the right to edit the promotion for length, spelling
and formatting.

1) Kevin Scobie – Search for “Steeldreamer” on
http://www.youtube.com Some are better than others. One has
250.000 views and been favorited 118 times.

2) Josh Mihal – OK so here I am, it’s all about me. Well ok
it’s all about me and my friends and the company I work for,
making people happy by creating projects in which to lighten
and livin the world with, but thus far I have not had that
chance. I am currently working on a big project in which I
have deemed my baby,  as all other director’s/writer’s have
worked on projects and it boost them into the cosmos of
popularity with the Hollywood crowd or any crowd for that
matter, this project will be mine. But my shameless plug is,
keep watching out for my name as someday it may be as
synonymous as George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Guillermo
Del Toro. mailto:joshmihal@gmail.com


“Subscriber Links of Interest” is where you can further
promote yourself, your company or your productions by having
your information displayed on a special links page at:

If you are a subscriber to this ezine and you want me to put
your self-promotion on this page, just send an email to:

Again, I also reserve the right to edit the promotion for
length and formatting.

7. The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar

Filmmaking is a universal language, and no matter where we
live in the world, we all have our own stories to tell.

If you have a story that has UNIVERSAL THEMES, and you have
the PASSION to tell this story, you CAN make a movie, in
your own language, and audiences around the world WILL watch

“The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar” is a
comprehensive, 10-day program of discovering what it takes
to be a successful, working film and television director.

I talk a lot about PASSION and TRUTH in this 10 day course
because these are two of the essential ingredients to having
a successful directing career.

I am very proud of this audio course and I guarantee that
anyone who listens to the entire 10 days will discover many
of the tools a working film director needs to survive today.

All the information about the 10 Day “The Art and Craft of
the Director Audio Seminar,” including the content list,
audio files, support materials, free bonuses and how to
order, is available now. Just click on the link below.

8. FEATURE ARTICLE – Using the Internet to Find Funding for
Your Film

“Using the Internet to Find Funding for Your Film”
by Ryan Vinson

If you’re an up-and-coming filmmaker, you don’t have the big
coffers of studio money at your disposal like most
filmmakers in Hollywood. You know that you have to fight and
scrap for every cent you can get just to get your films
made, and even then, your budget is tight. That’s why
finding the right investors can increase the success of your
film. One of the benefits of modern technology is the advent
of the internet, and it is proving to be helpful in more
ways every single day. Now, it’s simple for filmmakers and
investors to come together online.

Web 2.0

There are several ways you can use the internet to your film
funding advantage. First, you can set up a social network to
solicit funding and private investments from friends and
family who support your work. With the advent of Web 2.0,
you can literally create your imprint on a social media
site, publicize your work and what you are trying to
accomplish, and draw people to it, including investors. Many
social media sites provide great networking tools that work
just like word-of-mouth advertising, only virtual. Plus you
can keep your investors and friends updated on your
progress, marketing and release of the finished product!

Lend Me a Hand (or Dollar)

If you would prefer to find someone a little less close to
home to fund your project, there are investors that you can
find through the internet yet another way – social lending
sites. These are sprouting up all over the place, and they
put those who need money with those who have it to invest.
You may never meet them face to face, but you can borrow the
money you need from many of these sites thanks to many
members who are willing and savvy investors. Such sites
include: Lending Club, Prosper, or Zopa. You can use Circle
Lending to help gather money from family and friends, or use
ChipIn or Fundable in order to solicit donations from fans
through your film’s website!

Grant Me This Wish

Finally, depending on the type of film and subject matter
you are focusing on, you could use the internet to research
and find grants available to you. There are, of course, the
well-known grants that everyone knows about (National
Endowment for the Humanities, the National Endowment for the
Arts, the National Science Foundation, the Ford Foundation,
and the MacArthur Foundation). The problem is, everybody
knows about them!

Go for the smaller amounts of funding that are less sought
after. You can still put them together to create a large
amount if you approach this method wisely. There are also
organizations that offer sponsorships specifically for films
and documentaries, so there might be less competition with
these: International Documentary Association (IDA),
Independent Film Project (IFP), Film/Video Arts, Film Arts
Foundation, IMAGE Film and Video Center, Women Make Movies,
Film Forum, and Documentary Educational Resources.

Gaining funding for your filmmaking can be a tedious and
daunting task. But, thanks to the social networking and new
social integration brought about with Web 2.0 on the
internet, the task is getting a little easier each day!

Ryan Vinson is the founder of VersusMedia, a marketplace
that links independent filmmakers with musicians with the
common goal of obtaining music for films. The company has a
strong following in the independent film industry, and has
assisted over 900 films to date. For more information, visit

9. Want to Write an Article for The Director’s Chair?

If you would like to contribute articles, tips, links of
interest, industry news, interviews, special event dates or
other resources to The Director’s Chair, please email me at:

10. Filmmaking News, Websites and Events

1) Open Source Science-Fiction Movie Aims to be a Fully
Collaborative Effort

New open source movie project aims to create a full
community of users who collaborate in the creation and
execution of a short science-fiction film titled Jathia’s
Wager, from writing and editing the script to choosing the

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) July 18, 2007 — New open
source movie project aims to create a full community of
users who collaborate in the creation and execution of a
short science-fiction film titled Jathia’s Wager. An
experiment in collaborative filmmaking, the initial script
is about a young man living in an isolated community of
humans, who must make a life changing decision about his
future and his species.

The script was written as an experiment by Solomon Rothman,
a filmmaker who’s already released one full movie online for
free. Rothman hopes the project will fully explore the
concept of open, collaborative filmmaking and inspire people
to create a true open-source filmmaking community. In order
to encourage derivatives and actually get the project
rolling, he wanted to start with a short script that had a
psychological and serious undertone, and could be changed
without a major time investment.

“I wanted people to get involved and let the collaborative
process start happening long before the movie is shot” says
Rothman. “I wanted creative individuals to be able to share
every step in this journey. So I wrote the script in one
sitting, edited it over the course of a few days and now I
think it’s ready to be examined, picked apart, and
re-interpreted by the world.”

For more information or to get involved, please visit
or http://www.solomonrothman.com

2) The DeREEL Independent Film Festival is for independent
film makers, organised by independent film makers. We aim to
showcase as many quality independent films as possible. If
you want to screen your movie in Australia, this is the film
festival you’ve been looking for.

We are now accepting entries for the 2008 festival. Each
film selected for showing will receive an Official Selection
Laurel.  Additional Laurels will be awarded to the films
judged by our panel to be the most outstanding in each
category, with all films competing for prizes of cash, goods
and services.

As a new festival on the circuit we envision being able to
showcase around 20% of the films entered, so this is a great
opportunity for film makers to get their films shown in
Australia. In 2008 the Dereel Independent Film Festival will
be held from March 27th to April 3rd.

If you enter before the Late Deadline of O3-Feb-2OO7 then
you will only need to pay $20 entry for all shorts,  and $25
for features and documentaries, instead of the usual fee of
up to $40. Simply quote “late promo” to get this special

Submitting a film is easy.

You can submit a film to the DeREEL Independent Film
festival in a few ways. The easiest is probably via
http://www.withoutabox.com/login/5282. Just follow the

Otherwise, you can fill out the
http://www.dereel.com/appform.doc Application and Release
forms and post it to us at

Dereel I.F.F. 65 Acacia Rd Dereel, 3352, Victoria, Australia

Payment can be made via PAYPAL into the account of


“It’s time to put on your shorts.”

Rutger Hauer challenges filmmakers to show him ”things never seen before”.
He will personally award the winners during the Festival’s closing evening.

Milano (Italy), December 14, 2007 –
I’VE SEEN FILMS International Short Film Festival has
announced today together with its founder, the international
artist Ruger Hauer,  that the First Edition will be held in
2008 in Milano, Italy. The Festival is linked to the Third
Edition of the online Tiscali Short Film Award (TSFA)
competition.  The Festival has also announced the online
release of the Call for Entries. During the Award Evening,
Rutger Hauer will personally award the winning authors.

The deadline to submit short films for the 2008 I’VE SEEN
FILMS International Short Film Festival is Monday, March 17,

Submission forms, Call for Entry document and complete
information regarding eligibility and entry rules and
regulations are available at: http://www.cortoweb.it/icfilms
or http://www.rutgerhauer.org/icfilms

11. FILMMAKING WORKSHOPS – Peter D. Marshall

I have worked in the Film and Television Industry for over
33 years – as a Film Director, Television Producer, First
Assistant Director and Series Creative Consultant. I’ve been
asked many times to share my Film and TV production
knowledge with others. As a result, I developed several
workshops that I have successfully presented over the past
15 years.

To find out more about these workshops, just click on the
link below. If you are interested in any of these four
workshops for yourself or your organization, please contact
me to discuss how we can bring these workshops to you.


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