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The Director's Chair Issue #80 – Oct. 26, 2007 (Hollywood and the Case of Africa)

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October 26, 2007                  Scene 8 – Take 8

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Welcome to Issue #80 of The Director’s Chair (Oct. 26/07)


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2) FEATURE ARTICLE – This month’s Feature Article is called
“Hollywood Block Busters and the Case of Africa” by Harriet
Okwi. “Africa as we Africans know is a place we call home.
The gentleness of the land, the beautiful animals, adorable
birds and remarkable culture of our tribes are just some of
the things one would appreciate about mother Africa.” (see
below to read article…)

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2. Internet Marketing for Filmmakers

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3. The Director’s Chair Filmmakers Discussion Forum

The Director’s Chair Filmmakers Discussion Forum.

Ask film directing questions, submit your website for
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1) Larry Whatcott – I produced, directed and wrote my first
short, “Telepath” and it was a finalist in a contest
sponsored by the Sci-Fi channel & the Sundance channel. It
was an ultra, ultra-low budget project only 10 minutes long.
My leading lady, Janice Kakish, has gotten a career from it.
She has appeared on HBO’s “Entourage”, Bravo’s “Real
Housewives of the OC” and a Chrysler commercial.

You can watch “Telepath” online at Yahoo.com, YouTube.com
and ifilm.com. Please visit my website:

I am a member of Film Independent, LA and associated with
the Shriekfest Film Festival in LA. I have won or placed
extremely high in a multitude of screenwriting contests. I’m
actively looking for my next project, feature, short, music
video or ???? As a director I don’t follow visual trends. I
put on the screen what best serves the story. Oh, and
lastly, my name is Larry Whatcott. I live in southern
California and you can reach me at:

2) Vassilis G – I am an indie filmmaker located in Athens,
Greece and so far I’ve made 4 short films, having one more
in post production. I’m in the process of working for my
first feature, so I would like to have any possible help
from other filmmakers around the board about the whole
thing. mailto:blackamour2004@yahoo.com


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6. The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar

Filmmaking is a universal language, and no matter where we
live in the world, we all have our own stories to tell.

If you have a story that has UNIVERSAL THEMES, and you have
the PASSION to tell this story, you CAN make a movie, in
your own language, and audiences around the world WILL watch

“The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar” is a
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I talk a lot about PASSION and TRUTH in this 10 day course
because these are two of the essential ingredients to having
a successful directing career.

I am very proud of this audio course and I guarantee that
anyone who listens to the entire 10 days will discover many
of the tools a working film director needs to survive today.

All the information about the 10 Day “The Art and Craft of
the Director Audio Seminar,” including the content list,
audio files, support materials, free bonuses and how to
order, is available now. Just click on the link below.

7. FEATURE ARTICLE – Hollywood and the Case of Africa

“Hollywood block busters and the case of Africa”
by Harriet Okwi

Africa as we Africans know is a place we call home. The
gentleness of the land, the beautiful animals, adorable
birds and remarkable culture of our tribes are just some of
the things one would appreciate about mother Africa.

However in the western world, when one talks of Africa, the
four things that run to their mind are war, poverty,
HIV/AIDS and malaria. Hollywood in my opinion is one of the
major perpetuators of this image.

Nearly all Hollywood movies in which Africa is made mention
of depict our continent as a war-torn God forsaken one.
Every movie that sells real big augments the western
perception of Africa.

So we are clear, there is a wide variety of examples
starting with the recent block busters of “Blood Diamond”
and “The Last King of Scotland.” Don’t forget “Hotel
Rwanda,” “Lord of War” and “Tears of the Sun.” All these
films were hit movies and they all show Africans
slaughtering themselves.

They also hint on how the continent is infested with
HIV/AIDS. In “Blood Diamond,” two prostitutes plead with
Leonardo Di Caprio telling him they don’t have HIV/AIDS and
in “Lord of War” Nicolas cage resists the two Naomi
Campbell-like girls for the same reason.

The last king of Scotland was of course shot on my very own
Uganda and we were all so excited about it. The LRA conflict
has already been hinted on in Casino Royale and we expect a
Hollywood exclusive on this one.

It doesn’t matter if these film makers are trying to
discourage the trading of blood diamonds or the trading of
illegal arms. A true artist can for sure tell their story in
a million other ways with out necessarily stereotyping the
African continent and making us feel bad about ourselves.

I am very much aware that these things for sure happen in
Africa but it is just a few felons and sometimes these are
conflicts that we are trying to forget. Rwandans for
instance are trying to forget the past, reconcile and look
forward to the future. We for sure feel terrible about the
blood shed but showing it every now and then is like combing
fresh wounds.

Besides every time these films are made we sell a certain
picture of our continent to the outside world.

“Phat Galz” tried to say something good about Africa but
it’s not surprising that it didn’t measure up to the
standards of “Blood Diamond.”

There is however a certain type of film that African young
people should be exposed to. African cinema (not the flared
up Nigerian movies) is a distinct kind of film that awakens
our consciousness as Africans. Prominent film makers in this
genre have been Sembene Ousmane, Souleymane Cisse among
others who carefully point out our setbacks and provide
solutions. . African cinema preoccupies itself with the
beauty of Africa, African politics, Africa’s relationship
with the western world, racism, women empowerment among
other things.

Of course Cineplex won’t compromise its standards by showing
this kind of film. Worse still our video libraries are
exclusively Hollywood and Nigerian. It’s probably only the
British council that has some of African cinema films in
store. African cinema works are also shown at no charge
during the Amakula-Kampala film festival. But Ugandans
prefer to pay and watch Hollywood’s latest.

Harriet Shirley Okwi is a 23 year old filmmaker from Uganda.

8. Want to Write an Article for The Director’s Chair?

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9. Filmmaking News, Websites and Events

1) Because of Mama: Directing the Short Film

We’re not here to provide you a manual for directing your
film. Directing a film presents so many challenges – many of
them impossible to anticipate, and most of them falling
outside of the scope of this Web site.


2) How To Analyze a Movie

A film, whether it is a blockbuster Hollywood production or
a small independent effort, has a number of elements that
come together in order to guide the audience through the arc
of the story. The actors may be the most visible elements on
the screen, but a number of other craftsmen had to perform a
lot of other functions in order to get that finished film in
front of an audience.


3) Directing & Talent Tips

Jim Powell, a national voice-over and on-camera narrator,
has written many articles and newsletters concerning working
with and developing talent including narrators and actors.
He has lectured at InfoCOMM and the International Television
Association’s International Conference. He has also lectured
to many television related local association chapters.


4) Writers Copyright Association

Worldwide copyright registration and script marketplace


5) Things I’ve Learned as a Moviemaker by Wim Wenders


10. FILMMAKING WORKSHOPS – Peter D. Marshall

I have worked in the Film and Television Industry for over
33 years – as a Film Director, Television Producer, First
Assistant Director and Series Creative Consultant. I’ve been
asked many times to share my Film and TV production
knowledge with others. As a result, I developed several
workshops that I have successfully presented over the past
15 years.

To find out more about these workshops, just click on the
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workshops for yourself or your organization, please contact
me to discuss how we can bring these workshops to you.


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