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The Director's Chair Issue #76 – June 19, 2007 (The Hero's Journey-106 Stages)

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June 19, 2007                  Scene 8 – Take 4

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1. Introduction
2. Want to Write an Article for The Director’s Chair?
3. A Truly Inspirational Moment
4. Want Some Help Finding Film/TV Work?
5. The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar
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8. Feature Article – The Hero’s Journey (106 Stages)
9. Filmmaking Websites, Events and Festivals
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Welcome to Issue #76 of The Director’s Chair (June 19/07)


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NOTE: If your country is not represented here, please let me
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2) FEATURE ARTICLE – This month’s Feature Article is called
“The Hero’s Journey (Complete, 106 Stages)” by Kal Bishop.
The Hero’s Journey is the most usable story structure
consisting of at least 106 stages and the template for
successful contemporary stories, from Star Wars to Scarface
to The Incredibles to War of the Worlds to The Dirty Dozen
to Midnight Cowboy. (see below to read article…)

time I will contact you by email to inform you of certain
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2. Want to Write an Article for The Director’s Chair?

If you would like to contribute articles, tips, links of
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3. A Truly Inspirational Moment

Wolfgang Wagenknecht, one of my subscribers, sent me this 4
minute video I have to share with you.

If you want to witness an incredible human drama that will
inspire you, bring a tear to your eye, and brighten your
day, you must watch this video!

It is a beautiful example of what can happen when you
believe in yourself and your dream – you can literally bring
people to their feet.

And then, after you have watched it:

Could you please email me right away and let me know what
you FELT when you watched it…what kind of emotions you
went through…how many times you watched it. I will then
post your comments in the next issue of The Director’s


Because if you are a filmmaker, (actor, singer etc) finding
the TRUTH in your work must come from your PASSION. And when
you have found your passion, and you believe in yourself,
you can stir people’s emotions; and make them FEEL.

4. Want Some Help Finding Film/TV Work?

Ron Armstrong, from RonCineTV.com (another subscriber) sent
me this 8 minute tutorial he created on how to find work in
the film/TV industry. Check out the link below and then
check out his website.

RonCineTV is the ultimate hub for aspiring writers, actors
and filmmakers. The site provides a platform for artists to
network, find jobs and gain useful industry information.
Membership is free and each member has access to cutting
edge technology including; video tutorials, articles, job
opportunities and other essential tools to get their careers

5. The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar

Filmmaking is a universal language, and no matter where we
live in the world, we all have our own stories to tell.

If you have a story that has UNIVERSAL THEMES, and you have
the PASSION to tell this story, you CAN make a movie, in
your own language, and audiences around the world WILL watch

“The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar” is a
comprehensive, 10-day program of discovering what it takes
to be a successful, working film and television director.

I talk a lot about PASSION and TRUTH in this 10 day course
because these are two of the essential ingredients to having
a successful directing career.

I am very proud of this audio course and I guarantee that
anyone who listens to the entire 10 days will discover many
of the tools a working film director needs to survive today.

All the information about the 10 Day “The Art and Craft of
the Director Audio Seminar,” including the content list,
audio files, support materials, free bonuses and how to
order, is available now. Just click on the link below.


Each month, I give two subscribers an opportunity to promote
themselves, their company or their productions in this
section. If you are interested, send your “shameless
self-promotion” to: mailto:pdm@actioncutprint.com.

Please limit your promotion to less than 200 words. I also
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1) Russell Lewis – My name is Russell Lewis, 17yrs, and I’m
looking to become a director of film. I have set up this web
site, http://www.russell-lewis.co.nr, to post the films I
make and some other content. It also has a blog to notify
visitors of any new content on the site and also just
general chit chat. Feel free to comment on these blogs. I
have forums on there (the White Board Icon) that your more
than welcome to join up on and discuss topics about film,
filmmaking, cameras etc. The more that join up the better so
don’t hesitate to do so. If you wish to, you can contact me
at mailto:russell-lewis@hotmail.com.

2) David Beard Music Production – Music Composer and Sound
Designer specializing in creating Music for the Moving
Image, Theatre Productions and Dance. Experienced in all
styles from Children’s TV to a Dark Horror Film Score. Own
well-equipped studio, please visit the website at
http://www.davidbeardmusic.com/ for more information,
credits and MP3 downloads.


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8. FEATURE ARTICLE – Hero’s Journey (Complete, 106 Stages)

“The Hero’s Journey (Complete, 106 Stages)” by Kal Bishop.

Beyond three and four act story structure, lies the Hero’s

The Hero’s Journey is the most usable story structure
consisting of at least 106 stages and the template for
successful contemporary stories, from Star Wars to Al Pacino
Scarface to The Incredibles to War of the Worlds to The
Dirty Dozen to Midnight Cowboy.

The Hero’s Journey is a valuable template because:

a. It attempts to tap into unconscious expectations the
audience has regarding what a story is and how it should be

b. It gives the writer more structural elements than simply
three or four acts, plot points, mid point and so on.

c. Interpreted metaphorically and symbolically, it allows an
infinite number of varied stories to be created.

One (usually critical) stage of the journey is the
Supernatural Aid.

The Supernatural Aid encompasses the Meeting with a Mentor
as well as the receiving of Magical Potions or Gifts.
Writers often mistakenly believe that this is a
straightforward affair.

Often the Hero has left his Ordinary World knowing that he
has broken an Interdiction. As such, it is not unusual to
find that the Journey to the Mentor takes place at night and
in haste.

Even though the Hero may want to embark on the adventure, it
is not unusual that there is resistance to it (expanded upon
in the Refusal). Therefore, the Hero is often pulled into
the adventure. The Pull can be the result of a number of
factors – a death, an event, the lead of an ally and so on.

The Hero will know that the Journey to the Mentor is
dangerous and will be wary. There may be natural or man-made
obstacles and dangers. Thus this is also a reason for haste.

The Hero may undergo a near death experience on the way, and
may be saved by the Mentor – who may use his own magical
powers. This demonstrates the superior nature of the Mentor
and the status relationship between them.

The Mentor will seem to know the Hero, as if privy to some

Wary of danger, the Mentor will take the Hero to a Safe
Place, where a meeting between then will take place. This is
a Sacred Meeting and others will recognise this and make
themselves absent.

The Hero will relate the Call to Adventure and the Mentor
will intuitively understand it (and may have had previous
experience of it) and likely encourage the Hero to embark on

The Mentor will be familiar with the Hero’s history and
relate it to him, which up to now has been a mystery to him.
It will seem as if the Hero is destined for the adventure
and following in the footsteps of ancestors or blood

The Mentor will provide Magical Potions, Gifts and Spiritual
Guidance to aid the Hero on his adventure. These will have
limitations – he will be warned not to misuse them.

There is much more…

The 106 stage Hero’s Journey and other story structure
templates can be found at

ABOUT THE AUTHOR –  Kal Bishop is a management consultant
based in London, UK. He has consulted in the visual media
and software industries and for clients such as Toshiba and
Transport for London. He has led Improv, creativity and
innovation workshops, exhibited artwork in San Francisco,
Los Angeles and London and written a number of screenplays.
He is a passionate traveller. He can be reached on

9. Filmmaking Websites, Events and Festivals

1) Film & Screenplay Competition & Festival for Students
ages 8-18.

The International Family Film Festival is presenting the
FreshiFilm Camp and FreshiFilm and Screenplay Festival this

Students will learn digital filmmaking, from creating the
storyboard to the finished film in the five days. They will
also learn stunts, stage make-up, editing, animation, and
other production skills.

For more information about the camp & festival, contact:

2) The Film Reference Library (Canada)

The Film Reference Library (FRL) is the ultimate resource
for filmmakers, students, researchers, screenwriters and
film and television professionals.

The Film Reference Library, with more than 17,000 book
titles and 60,000 film files, holds the world’s most
extensive English language collection of Canadian
film-related material plus the unique archival collections
of Canada’s most esteemed filmmakers.


3) IndieTalk – A Filmmaking Forum & Discussion and Resources
for Independent Filmmakers


4) Guide to (Video) Camera Formats

Digital Filmmaking Blog – Your guide to the world of digital
filmmaking. Choosing the right camera, filming techniques,
film training and film courses – all this and more…


5) Moving Image Archive

The Archive’s Moving Images Collection contains thousands of
videos which range from classic full-length movies, to daily
alternative news broadcasts, to user-uploaded videos of
every genre.


10. FILMMAKING WORKSHOPS – Peter D. Marshall

I have worked in the Film and Television Industry for over
33 years – as a Film Director, Television Producer, First
Assistant Director and Series Creative Consultant. I’ve been
asked many times to share my Film and TV production
knowledge with others. As a result, I developed several
workshops that I have successfully presented over the past
15 years.

To find out more about these workshops, just click on the
link below. If you are interested in any of these four
workshops for yourself or your organization, please contact
me to discuss how we can bring these workshops to you.


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