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The Director's Chair Issue #68 – July 18, 2006 (INDIE Film Financing)

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July 18, 2006          Scene 7 – Take 7

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Welcome to Issue #68 of The Director’s Chair (July 18, 2006)

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2) FEATURE ARTICLE – This month’s Feature Article is called
“INDIE Financing” by Wolfgang Wagenknecht. “The holy grail
of INDIE movie making has always been financing because
without money “nothing goes”. So how should one do it? What
Wolfgang is talking about in this article are INDIE
productions with up $2.5 million dollar budgets. (see below
to read entire article…)

Business and Entertainment Law Tips by Jindra Rajwans is
called “Directors’ Agreements – Some Legal Details.” This
article points out some of the common elements found in a
director’s agreement that would be useful to think about
prior to negotiating such an agreement.

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So to celebrate this fact, I created a NEW weekly film and
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“INDIE Financing” by Wolfgang Wagenknecht

The holy grail of INDIE movie making has always been
financing because without money “nothing goes”. So how
should one do it? What I am talking about in this article
are INDIE productions with up $2.5 million dollar budgets,
please keep that in mind.

First, and that may disappoint some of you, there is no one
hard and fast rule, unless you live e.g. in Europe where
Governments have grants and will fund low budget movies.

There are a few considerations when undertaking the stormy
waters seeking money from private investors for your
production. When I made my first feature film I started out
with nothing but my script and the burning desire to get it

We had my friend to produce, we had a reputable Line
Producer, myself to direct, and the “package”. With that we
started to contact people we knew, or have been told, wanted
to invest into an INDIE movie. It was a trial and error
process and sometimes frustrating, but eventually we found
our two investors and the production was financed within a
couple weeks. What did we learn, and what should you do
before approaching a serious investor:

It all starts with the script, a solid professional package,
your team, and talent attachments if you have any. The more
you have done your home work on the package the easier it
will be for an investor or production company to say “yes.”

Try to surround yourself with more experienced people and
create momentum “positive energy”. Have your production
attorney available to take calls from investors if needed,
he is one more piece in the puzzle to make investors feel
comfortable if they want to talk to him. The key word here
is to anticipate, and be ready for what investors might ask
from you. Make a check list prior a meeting so you wont get
“caught with your pants down”. You only have one shot, first
impressions count. Be over prepared and know about the movie
business so you can talk with confidence.

Your goal must be to make the investor(s) feel comfortable
to entrust you with their money!

Don’t talk art and artists fighting the evil powers of
commerce. Talk dollars and sense. Network and find out who
might be a potential investor(s) and pursue the leads. Many
of them will turn out not to come through. It’s a numbers
game, read up on the the “Colonel Sanders story”. Always
have a package ready to send out, or show if needed, “strike
the iron when it’s hot”.

Be professional when meeting a potential investor, remember,
for them it’s in investment opportunity, they are looking
for a safe and reasonable ROI, you are using other peoples
money. Investors lend you money to make more money, simple
as that. Be conservative when you give projections and let
them know.

Be realistic when budgeting, meaning, the script must fit
the budget. Always be conservative. There is nothing worse
to find out later that the budget doesn’t fit the script and
you need to go back to your investor.

If you are a first time director be polite and patient with
investors asking you questions, some may want to replace
you, stand your ground, and don’t get discouraged…
preservere. You are being entrusted with a lot of money and
investors have the right to bombard you with questions.

Wolfgang Wagenknecht
Wolfpack Pictures LLC.

Wolfgang has written several screenplays, one of which he
has directed and helped produce. He is presently finalizing
domestic and foreign distribution with two very reputable
distributors for that project. He is also currently
packaging another script of his for funding, which he is
attached as director and producer. Wolfgang is available for
the right project to direct, or produce. Wolfpack Pictures
is based in LA, USA mailto:wolfpackprodla@aol.com.

Wolfpack Pictures LLC. has distribution contacts for U.S.
domestic & International territories. We can act as sales
agents for productions we feel are suitable for the
distributors we are dealing with. Producers with completed
feature length movies and/or documentaries, including
trailers, please contact us with synopsis and nature of
production.  mailto:wolfpackprodla@aol.com.



“Directors’ Agreements – Some Legal Details”
by Jindra Rajwans B.A. (Hons.), M.A., LL.B., M.B.A., LL.M.

NOTE: The information in this article is not intended to be
legal advice and is of a general nature. Consult a lawyer
for advice for any specific situation.

The purpose of this article is to point out some of the
common elements found in a director’s agreement that would
be useful to think about prior to negotiating such an

When directors are hired, they can be employed directly;
however, it is often beneficial that a loan-out structure is
used.  A loan-out structure essentially allows the director
to use a corporation to enter into the agreement with the
producer, and the corporation will loan-out the services of
the director.  This kind of structure has the advantage,
amongst others, of shielding the director from personal

One issue that directors should consider is whether they
wish to offer their services on a “pay-or-play” basis. The
pay-or-play commitment generally means that the director
will be compensated regardless of whether the production is
completed, or whether the services of the director are
terminated or replaced.  This provision serves as a useful
incentive for the producer to use the services of the
director, and it provides the director with a certain amount
of security that they will be compensated.

A director’s agreement will often specify that the
director’s services will be required on an exclusive basis
for pre-production, production, and post-production.  A
number of other important issues that should be considered
include the following:

– How important is final cutting authority? Will this affect
the director’s vision?

– What is the compensation package? What part is fixed,
deferred, and is the director entitled to participate in the
profits? How are profits defined?

– What is the term of the agreement? Does any part of the
term interfere with other commitments?

– How are transportation and other expenses dealt with?

– How is the director’s credit accorded? Is it a separate
card? What about teasers, trailers and other ads? What about
the right to use the director’s name and likeness to exploit
the picture?

– What happens if the director becomes incapacitated due to
mental or physical disability?

– How much control and authority does the director have in
hiring people for the production?

– Is the director assigning and transferring his or her
rights in all the results of the director’s services?

– What does the agreement say about termination?

– Does the producer require the director to become or remain
a member in good standing with the various guilds and

– What laws will govern the agreement? The laws of the State
of California or somewhere else?

Jindra Rajwans is a business and entertainment lawyer in
Toronto, Canada. The entertainment area of his practice
focuses on providing legal services to writers, directors,
producers, actors, musicians or other professionals, and
companies in the entertainment industry.


Dave Watson, a writer for the “Georgia Straight” in
Vancouver has a good article on a few of the best video
websites available today.

Check out this article and the links at:



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