The Director's Chair Issue #66 – May 16, 2006 (Tips to Make your Movie Sound Real)

by Peter D Marshall

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May 16, 2006          Scene 7 – Take 5

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Welcome to Issue #66 of The Director’s Chair (May 16, 2006)

to say hello to all my subscribers from 81 countries around
the world. (If you want to know why the number of countries
jumped from 44 last month to 81 this month, it was because I
never checked my Aweber Statistics. (sheesh!) On April 28 I
did a check and…WOW! Filmmakers from 81 countries are
reading “The Directors Chair!”

If your country isn’t represented here, please let me
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Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Republic of
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to time I will contact you by email to inform you of certain
filmmaking workshops or film products that I feel are
beneficial to filmmakers like yourself. Of course, you are
under no obligation to purchase anything. I only offer this
information as a service to subscribers of this free ezine.


This new section contains short filmmaking tips. If you have
tips that you want to contribute, please email me at:


This is a monthly selection of original articles written by
entertainment lawyer Jindra Rajwans. This month’s tip is
called “Protecting Your Pitches.” When a writer or filmmaker
conceives a great idea for a film and wants to pitch it, he
or she is sometimes fearful that it can be stolen and made
into a film.  Many of us have heard stories by people who
claim that a particular film was really based on their
conception, and that someone else must have stolen it. (see
below to read article…)

5) FEATURE ARTICLE – This month’s Feature Article is called
“Make Your Movie Sound Like A Real Movie” by Sam Longoria.
I get a lot of questions on if I can “do” sound sweetening,
usually by frantic filmmakers, calling in the middle of the
night. They are frantic because the sound in their movie or
video is bad. (see below to read article…)

6) VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – If you would like to contribute
articles, tips, links of interest, industry news,
interviews, special event dates or other resources to The
Director’s Chair please email:



Peter D. Marshall


Do you have film directing questions?

If you do, check out this new blog of mine where you can
post your film directing questions and I will answer them as
soon as I can. It is also an online discussion forum for
filmmakers so we can keep in touch and share information.


In last month’s issue, I wrote that I had some email’s from a
few subscribers complaining that I sent them information
about my film directing workshops. The following are comments
from two subscribers regarding that letter.


Dear Peter.

I’ve just received your Director’s Chair ezine, as I do
every month, and enjoyed it as I usually do.

I read your comment about people’s complaints you’ve been
getting, and even though I’ve written you before to say how
wonderful your site and ezine are, and how grateful I am,
and I’m sure many others also are, for the work and effort
you put voluntarily into this out of sheer kindness and the
passion for sharing what you love with other people that
have that same love, but for the sake of balance, I’ve
decided to say it now again.

I hope you know that the majority of people out there
appreciate your work and are happy to get all the
information you so kindly share with us.

Thank you,

Liron – Israel


Dear Peter,

Just a quick note of support.

Personally?  I love that you send out notices for your
workshops, etc.  And I have to admit to being somewhat
confused as to why some individuals are upset by a notice
for a workshop that shows up in our in-boxes every couple of
months. At the most.  Do they view it as ‘spam’?  Because,
please, if that’s the case, I’d be more than happy send
along some of the ‘junk’ that ends up in mine as an example
of what is and isn’t spam.  Including the ‘phising’ attempts
for personal info.

From a New Yorker’s perspective?  They need to get over

C. Filitz – New York



Do you want to shoot a movie with your kids and don’t know
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With online tutorials, professional film Producer Ivan
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5. “OUTTAKES” – Free Weekly(?) Film and TV Humour Ezine!

Did you know that the second most visited page on my website
for the past 5 years has been the film humour and movie joke

Which just goes to show you how important a sense of humour
is in this business:-)

So to celebrate this fact, I created a NEW weekly film and
television humour ezine called, “Outtakes.”

“Outtakes” is a free weekly (mostly) humour ezine that is
full of movie jokes, television bloopers, film quotes, video
clips, movie cliches, film cartoons, movie mistakes, spoofs
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Every Monday (well…most Monday’s) you will receive this
film humour ezine in your INBOX. (I think Monday is the best
day of week to get a little smile…or a grin…or even a

In each issue, you will get to chuckle at a film or TV
related joke, cartoon, quote, cliche, or mistake. You might
even get a chance to laugh at a funny video clip, television
blooper or commercial.

Oh…and I even have a contest where you can win real money!

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6. SCRIPT ANALYSIS – Grant Rosenberg

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Do you have a script that you’ve spent months, maybe years,
pouring your heart and soul into and you don’t want to send
it off without being absolutely certain it’s as good as it
can possibly be?

As you know, you only get one shot to make a first
impression, so if you’re seriously considering taking the
interim step of having a professional writer/producer read
your material, check out Grant’s website. He is a Hollywood
insider who can give you clear, concise and practical notes
on how to elevate your script to the next level and maximize
its potential.

Grant and I are working together on a new TV series for ABC
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Each month, I give two subscribers an opportunity to promote
themselves, their company or their productions in this
section. If you are interested, send an email to

Please limit your promotion to less than 200 words. I also
reserve the right to edit the promotion for length, spelling
and formatting.

1) Zeinc Creative Media Production

From Pre To Post Beta-Dv-16Mm-35Mm And New Media We Got You
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We are a video and film production boutique, based in the
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Jose Ramon Zeinc Bobea

2) Rick Rios and Subliminal Pictures!

Congratulations Rick Rios and Subliminal Pictures!  Their
short film “All’s Fair…” is an IFC Medial Lab top 5
finalist for the month of March!  It will air on the
Independent Film Channel throughout the month of May.  His
two other entries, “Sugar” and “HIP”, came in 6th and 7th
place respectively (out of 1000+ films)!

See the films at:
or watch the winners this month on IFC.

IFC TV Schedule Results (Next 30 days) All times are Central Standard
Media Lab Results  Monday, May 01 7:00 PM
Media Lab Results  Wednesday, May 03 5:00 AM
Media Lab Results  Tuesday, May 16 4:00 PM
Media Lab Results  Wednesday, May 17 12:05 PM
Media Lab Results  Thursday, May 18 5:20 PM
Media Lab Results  Friday, May 19 1:10 PM
Media Lab Results  Tuesday, May 23 12:55 PM
Media Lab Results  Friday, May 26 2:15 PM

Subliminal Pictures is a Chicago based commercial production
house.  To find out more go to or
email us at

Rick Rios
Subliminal Pictures


“Subscriber Links of Interest” is where you can further
promote yourself, your company or your productions by having
your information displayed on a special links page at:

If you are a subscriber to this ezine and you want me to put
your self-promotion on this page, just send an email to:

Again, I also reserve the right to edit the promotion for
length and formatting.

9. FEATURE ARTICLE – Tips to make your movie sound real

NOTE: This is a very long and detailed article, so I have placed
it on my website for ease of reading.

“Make Your Movie Sound Like A Real Movie” by Sam Longoria

I get a lot of questions on if I can “do” sound sweetening,
usually by frantic filmmakers, calling in the middle of the
night. They are frantic because the sound in their movie or
video is bad.

To read the entire article, please click here:


“Protecting Your Pitches” by Jindra Rajwans
B.A. (Hons.), M.A., LL.B., M.B.A., LL.M.

NOTE: The information in this article is not intended to be
legal advice and is of a general nature. Consult a lawyer
for advice for any specific situation.

When a writer or filmmaker conceives a great idea for a film
and wants to pitch it, he or she is sometimes fearful that
it can be stolen and made into a film.  Many of us have
heard stories by people who claim that a particular film was
really based on their conception, and that someone else must
have stolen it.  Some writers and filmmakers, in response to
this apprehension, decide to keep their thoughts for a film
top secret.  Obviously, this approach may be problematic
since some form of disclosure will be required to elicit the
interest of others.

When I hear someone tell me that they have a great concept
for a film, and that they would like to protect it prior to
disclosing it to a third party, I usually refer to basic
copyright principles.

Copyright protection does not protect an idea, but rather
such protection exists only for works fixed in tangible
form.  This means that a writer or filmmaker should record
his or her idea onto some tangible medium for it to be
protected.  A few easy ways to protect your idea includes:

1) writing it down (i.e. fixing it in material form)

2) registering the written material with the copyright
offices in the U.S. or Canada, or other applicable offices
around the world

3) and the inexpensive method of putting the written
material in an envelope and mailing it to yourself by
registered mail; however, care should be taken to not open
the envelope

Most of us know that during a pitch, there is usually little
or no time to procure the necessary legal documentation to
ensure that your idea will not be used without your consent.

Moreover, even if a writer or filmmaker had the
documentation readily available, a producer may be put off
by the notion that a writer or filmmaker thinks that the
producer is a person capable of theft, and therefore the
producer may refuse to hear the pitch.  And it is in these
situations that writers and filmmakers may be apprehensive
about sharing, especially when they have not taken steps to
protect their interests, as mentioned above.

However, all may not be lost in the absence of an express
written agreement that protects your rights.  There may be a
way to argue your idea for a film is confidential
information and an implied contract exists between you and
the producer or other third party whereby the latter party
owes you a duty not to disclose such confidential
information without your permission and if the producer or
other third party uses your information, then you will be
compensated for it.

Although the fear of pitching in the absence of an express
written agreement can lead some writers and filmmakers to
completely refrain from pitching, learning about ways to
protect your rights may help alleviate such fears, and
ultimately, help you get your idea out there.

Jindra Rajwans is a business and entertainment lawyer in
Toronto, Canada. The entertainment area of his practice
focuses on providing legal services to writers, directors,
producers, actors, musicians or other professionals, and
companies in the entertainment industry.


“Working with Visual Effects” – Peter D. Marshall

Most film and TV programs today utilize some form of special
visual FX (Green screen, motion control, computer screens
etc.) Because of the complexity of these shots, make sure
you work very closely with a Visual FX Supervisor to
properly understand and schedule all of the plate shots,
reference shots and green screen shots.


Grab your Free copy of this humorous pdf ebook, “201 Things
You Wouldn’t Know Without Movies or Television.” I have also
included 4 additional BONUS lists for you enjoyment:

1 – Actual English Subtitles Used in Hong Kong Films
2 – A Dictionary of Hollywood Terms
3 – The Top 28 Movie Lies
4 – The Hot Air Balloon (a very good film joke)

And don’t forget to pass this ebook on to your friends.
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So please, FORWARD this ebook to a friend, family member or
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as they have the same sense of humor you do! 🙂


1) Cannes Film Festival- Cannes, France

May 17 – 28, 2006 Cannes is the biggest and most famous film
festival in the world.

2) Inside Out – Toronto, Canada

May 18-28, 2006 “The Inside Out Toronto Lesbian and Gay Film
and Video Festival” is one of the biggest exponents of queer
cinema in the world. Screenings take place at a variety of
venues around Toronto.

3) Pixar: 20 Years of Animation – London, England

April 1 – June 10, 2006 Have you ever wondered how films
like “Toy Story” and “The Incredibles” ever became a reality?
London’s Science Museum shows you how, with this extensive
theatre and gallery exhibition devoted to the art of

4) Cinemateque – Tel Aviv, Israel

Ongoing (Daily) – An important cultural centre for the
screening of independent films, Cinemateque also runs
workshops in production techniques for young filmmakers.


1) “Namibia: American Filmmaker in the Land of the Brave”
Namibia Economist (Windhoek) – May 12, 2006

Charles Burnett, an icon in filmmaking who is an American
film director, is in the country for the Wild Cinema Film
Festival (WCFF) in which he will hold various workshops with
local filmmakers. (read more…)

2) “TV executives wake up and smell the piracy”
The Georgia Straight  – May 4, 2006

For television broadcasters, 2006 will probably be
remembered as the real beginning of the end. Whatever
diminished hold on the audience they still have will soon
look like the good old days, because it’s going rapidly
downhill from here on in. (Read more…)

3) “First Jordanian export cartoon promotes tolerance between
East and West” The National Post – May 5, 2006

A Jordanian media firm hopes its new TV cartoon series can
achieve what politicians have failed to do so far: bridge
the cultural divide between East and West. (Read more…)

4) “Pakistani channel to showcase Bollywood films” – May 5, 2006

A string of Bollywood films featuring superstar Amitabh
Bachchan will be shown on television in Pakistan this month,
as New Delhi and Islamabad mix diplomacy with culture to
push a flagging peace process. (Read more…)

5) “South Africa: KZN Launches an Initiative to Develop Artists”
BuaNews (Tshwane) – May 4, 2006

The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Arts, Culture and Tourism has
launched a wide range of initiatives to develop emerging
artists. (read more…)


“Some pursue happiness – others create it.”



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