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The Director's Chair Issue #65 – April 28, 2006 (The Importance of Securing Chain of Title)

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April 28, 2006          Scene 7 – Take 4

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1.  Introduction
2.  Directing Workshop Postponed
3.  Important Message from Peter
4.  201 Things You Wouldn’t Know Without Movies
5.  A Life Changing Event
6.  Filmmakers Shameless Self-Promotion
7.  Subscriber Links of Interest
8.  Important Industry Information
9.  In the News – The future of TV is mobile
10.  Feature Article – Securing Chain of Title
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Welcome to Issue #65 of The Director’s Chair (April 28, 2006)

I would like to say hello to all my subscribers from 44
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1) IMPORTANT MESSAGE – I’ve had some email’s from a few
subscribers complaining that I sent them information about
my film directing workshops. I just want to clear up a few
things…(see below)

2) FILMMAKERS OF THE MONTH – I am starting a new section
where I will be giving two subscribers per month an
opportunity to promote themselves, their company or their
productions.(see below)

3) FEATURE ARTICLE – This month’s Feature Article is called
“The Importance of Securing Chain of Title” by Jindra Rajwans.
Professionals in the film industry, especially writers and
producers will often hear about a concept called “chain of
title.” Chain of title refers to the succession of title of
ownership of copyright back to the original owner.(see below
for more)

4) VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – If you would like to contribute
articles, tips, links of interest, industry news,
interviews, special event dates or other resources to The
Director’s Chair please email: mailto:pdm@actioncutprint.com



Peter D. Marshall


Due to an unexpected professional commitment, I’ve had to
postpone “The Art and Craft of the Director” workshop
(May 26, 27, 28, 2006) until the fall.

If you are still interested in this workshop, please let me
know at mailto:pdm@actioncutprint.com and I will contact you
as soon as I have new dates for the workshop.


I’ve had some email’s from a few subscribers complaining
that I sent them information about my film directing
workshops. I just want to clear up a few things…

I am a professional filmmaker who has made a living in this
industry for over 33 years. I created “The Director’s Chair”
in April, 2000 for filmmakers who are passionate about
learning their craft.

As a matter of fact, this month is the 6th Anniversary of
this FREE ezine! If you check above, you can see that it is
read in at least 44 countries around the world!

For the past 6 years I’ve published a variety of original
articles for filmmakers. These articles were written either
by myself or by other filmmakers. We volunteer to do this
because we are all passionate about filmmaking and we want
to pass on our knowledge to you.

I don’t sell advertising space in “The Director’s Chair” and
I don’t make any money from the ezine itself.

It has only been in the past three years that I have started
to present filmmaking workshops around the world. (So far I
have taught workshops in Canada, Singapore and Dubai.) And
from time to time, I will be letting you know about these
workshops as well as film related products that I have
created myself (or from other sources) that I feel are
beneficial to filmmakers like yourself.

So…if I don’t inform you about these workshops, special
events or related film products that I feel will help you
grow as a filmmaker, how else will you know?

Therefore, if you would prefer not to receive any separate
information regarding workshops or special products that I
will occasionally offer you (which you are in no way
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I enjoy teaching and sharing my filmmaking expertise, and
this non-commercial ezine gives me the opportunity to
continue my passion for the creative art of filmmaking.

For those who are cancelling, thank you for being a valued
subscriber and good luck in your filmmaking endeavors.




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I am starting a new section in this ezine where I will give
two subscribers per month an opportunity to promote
themselves, their company or their productions. If you are
interested, send an email to mailto:pdm@actioncutprint.com.
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I also reserve the right to edit the promotion for length
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NOTE: I can only add two promotions per month in this ezine,
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I also started a new webpage for “The Director’s Chair”
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9. IN THE NEWS – The future of TV is mobile

From The Vancouver Sun – Published: April 28, 2006
Article by Alex Strachan, CanWest News Service

“We’ve seen the future of TV and it is mobile. If what is
happening in the U.S. is any indication, you may soon be
watching TV on your iPod or cellphone.”
To read the rest of this article, click here:

10. FEATURE ARTICLE – Importance of Securing Chain of Title

“The Importance of Securing Chain of Title”
By Jindra Rajwans, B.A. (Hons.), M.A., LL.B., M.B.A., LL.M.

NOTE: The information in this article is not intended to be
legal advice and is of a general nature. Consult a lawyer
for advice for any specific situation.

Professionals in the film industry, especially writers and
producers will hear about a concept called “chain of title”,
if they have not already heard about it.  Chain of title
refers to the succession of title of ownership of copyright
back to the original owner.

When an idea for a film is formulated in writing by an
author who is not an employee or who has not by contract
negotiated away his or her copyright in the respective work,
that person is generally considered the original author and
owner of the copyright in that work.

As the old adage goes, copyright does not exist in an idea
itself.  Rather, in Canada and the United States (and most
other jurisdictions in the world), copyright protection
exists for works in tangible form.  It is the expression of
the idea rather than the idea itself that is subject to
copyright protection.  In other words, the idea has to be
“fixed” in material form.

For a literary work such as a screenplay, copyright protects
it or any substantial part of it in any material form from
being, among other things, produced, reproduced,
distributed, published, translated, adapted, made into a
film, or communicated to public by telecommunication without
the permission of the author.

Now, screenplays oftentimes start out with an idea and then
a treatment or synopsis is derived from such treatment.
Alternatively, some screenplays are derived from novels or
stage plays.  In cases where a screenplay is derived from a
treatment, the first thing to note is that the screenplay is
a derivative work of the treatment, and as such, the
treatment is the first element in the chain of title.
Without the permission of the author of the treatment to
create a screenplay based on it, the chain of title would be
broken, so to speak.  Moreover, the screenplay is oftentimes
a joint effort among more than one author, therefore, the
producer who wishes to use the screenplay may likely have to
obtain the appropriate rights from all those joint-authors
who contributed to that screenplay.

If there is a possibility that a producer believes that a
specific third party may have some rights in the screenplay,
then the producer may want to take precautions by having the
third party execute a quitclaim or other similar document
that effectively establishes that the third party has no
interest in the screenplay.

To ensure that the producer fully owns the film, the
producer will also have to secure all the necessary rights
from everyone involved in the production so that chain of
title of the film itself, is intact.  Agreements with the
director, actors, cinematographer and everyone else involved
in the production will have to be executed.

The most significant reason why producers want to keep an
eye on the chain of title is to ensure that they can secure
distribution.  Distributors will want the producer to ensure
that all rights to the film have been secured, and they will
require the producer to make certain representations and
warranties in regards to the ownership of the film.

For example, the distributor will likely require the
producer to represent and warrant that the film does not
violate or infringe, among other things, any agreement with
any third party, trade-mark, trade name, copyright, moral
right, patent, literary right, dramatic right, and rights of
privacy and publicity.  If any of these representations and
warranties turns out to be untrue, the producer will usually
have to indemnify and hold harmless the distributor for any
breach of the respective representations, warranties and any
covenants under the distribution agreement.

Prior to making a film, it would be prudent for a producer
to make himself or herself aware of the kinds of agreements
required to secure chain of title of the film, and a lawyer
oftentimes can provide valuable assistance with these
matters.   Although there is an upfront cost and time to
properly secure chain of title, the cost of not doing so can
ultimately be much greater as the chances of entering into a
distribution deal may be jeopardized.

Jindra Rajwans is a business and entertainment lawyer in
Toronto, Canada. The entertainment area of his practice
focuses on providing legal services to writers, directors,
producers, actors, musicians or other professionals, and
companies in the entertainment industry.


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

Helen Keller


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