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The Director's Chair Issue #53 – April 28, 2005 (Why S*x Is a Turn-Off for Movie Audiences)

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April 28, 2005          Scene 6 – Take 4

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1.  Introduction
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4.  Feature Article – Sex Is a Turn-Off for Movie Audiences
5.  Movie Magic Scheduling Tutorial
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Welcome to Issue #53 of The Director’s Chair (April 28, 2005)

1) This month’s Feature Article is a web article written by
Anne Thompson on why today’s movie audiences are not taking sex

2) VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – If you would like to contribute articles,
tips, links of interest, industry news, interviews, special event
dates or other resources to The Director’s Chair please email:



Peter D. Marshall

2. ACTION-CUT-PRINT! –  A Website for Filmmakers

If you are a Film or TV Director; a working professional who
wants to Direct; a film student who wants to learn more about
Directing; or a “student of film” who just wants to know more
about Filmmaking from the pros, Action-Cut-Print! is for you!

Take a moment now to visit http://www.actioncutprint.com where
you will find over 1200 Online Resources for Filmmakers, a Film
and TV Bookstore and Film Directing Workshops.


1) 2005 Heartland Call for Entries

Each year thousands of independent filmmakers from around the
world search for outlets to showcase their work and
opportunities to earn money to fund future projects. And each
year, these filmmakers travel the film festival circuit in
search of answers to these questions. One stop on the circuit
that provides filmmakers what they are seeking is the
Indianapolis-based Heartland Film Festival.

Established in 1991, Heartland was born to identify filmmakers
whose work reflects the Festival’s mission and to honor
filmmakers with things most needed to continue making films
that enrich and inspire lives – cash prizes and opportunities
to showcase films. Each year Heartland presents awards and
$100,000 in cash prizes to filmmakers from around the world,
including a $50,000 grand prize for best dramatic feature.
Heartland also honors student filmmakers with awards and cash
prizes. In 13 years, Heartland has awarded more than $1.3
million to support filmmakers in their quest to create Truly
Moving Pictures. Heartland is one of the few festivals in the
world that awards cash prizes to filmmakers.

Heartland is once again searching for moving films to showcase.
Heartland has officially opened its Call for Entries for the
14th annual Festival, October 13-21, 2005 in Indianapolis,
Indiana and is now accepting film submissions of independently
produced feature length, short and student films in animation,
documentary and dramatic categories for the 2005 competition.


Contact: Lisa Dudeck
three-sixty group
April 5, 2005
Day: (317) 633.1456 /
Cell: (317) 698.7350

2) eFilm Market Online

eFilm Market Online is your chance to retain up to 97% of what
your TITLE grosses in worldwide sales.

eFilm Market Online cuts out the middle man, and lets buyers
contact you directly through eFilm’s auction and promotional
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buyer, you make the deals yourselves.  At eFilm Market Online,
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There are no markets to wait for, or to travel to.  eFilm is on
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eFilm to use our patent pending interface to create auctions
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would at the offline film markets.

Take a few minutes to get to know us.  Visit us at:

3) “How to Beat the Odds In Hollywood”

“How to Beat the Odds In Hollywood”
Screenwriting and MovieMaking Conference
Las Vegas – Plaza Hotel & Casino – July 14-17, 2005

GOT SCRIPT? Bring it here and put it in front of the Agents,
Managers, Studio Executives and Development Managers who are
putting what’s on Film and Television today!

SCREENWRITING: Developing your Idea, Writing The Script,
Pitching, Marketing Your Talents, Selling Your Craft, How to
Get and Agent or Manager, How to Produce, The First Ten Pages:
A Readers Impression, How to Make a Reader Love You, How to Put
Your Script To Bed. PITCH SESSIONS will be available.

MOVIEMAKING: Script Acquirement, Development, Budgeting,
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Line Producing, Distribution, Foreign Rights,Direct to
DVD,Digital Movie Making,12 steps to an Independent Film!

GUEST LIST: Over 30 Industry Professionals will teach you,
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Jumprope, and SMA.

Produced by CatNic Productions LLC in association with
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4) 2005 Script P.I.M.P. Screenwriting Competition.

744 scripts have been entered as of Monday, April 25th.  Enter
today for a chance to win one of 4 grand prizes.  $10,000 in
cash, $8,000 in prizes and the opportunity to have your script
read by executives at over 200 production companies.

In February 2004, Warner Brothers purchased 2003 Winner
Slammin, for six-figures.  Four of last year’s finalists were
optioned.  Script Pimp’s annual competition has been widely
lauded as one of the most writer-friendly and accessible
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FINAL DEADLINE: Monday, May 2nd (Midnight P.S.T.)


4. FEATURE ARTICLE – Sex Is a Turn-Off for Movie Audiences

“Grown-Up Sex Proves a Turn-Off for Movie Audiences”

Here is a very informative article written by Anne Thompson on
why today’s movie audiences are not taking sex seriously. If
you are a serious filmmaker, this article is a must read.



Movie Magic Scheduling, Version 3.7 (Mac or PC)

Ivan Francis Clements has produced an excellent DVD tutorial on
“Scheduling with Movie Magic.” In this two disc set, Ivan takes
you step by step through Movie Magic Scheduling so that you can
create your own production board in a way that makes sense to

Movie Magic is now the industry standard for film scheduling
and is the best way to manage your production. I have used
Movie Magic Scheduling for over 15 years and as I went through
Ivan’s tutorial, I found many tricks and ideas to help me
organize my productions better.

Also included in the tutorial is Ivan’s famous “Shooting Ratio
Calculator” as a free bonus! The purpose of this calculator is
to give you a daily check on how your shoot is going in terms
of daily page count, footage count and most importantly,
whether or not you are on SHOOTING RATIO.

This calculator is really important on no/low budget filmmaking
where your film stock is your GOLD!!!

If you are a Producer, Line Producer, Production Manager,
Director or 1st AD, I highly recommend this tutorial.

Check out Ivan’s “Scheduling with Movie Magic” tutorial at


I have made a special deal with Ivan for subscribers of The
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