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The Director's Chair Issue #39 – Oct. 21, 2003 (What is a Director?)

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October 21, 2003          Scene 4 – Take 7

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4.  News Release – “MOVIECITY 2003” (Singapore)
5.  Feature Article – “What is a Director?”
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8.  Out Takes – Movie Cliches: WOMEN
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Welcome to Issue #39 of The Director’s Chair (October 21, 2003).

1) THE FEATURE ARTICLE – What is a Director?” by Elia Kazan

2) Special News Release – “MOVIECITY 2003” in Singapore

I have been invited to participate in the MOVIECITY 2003
exhibition in Singapore from November 29 – December 13, 2003. I
will be one of several professional filmmakers conducting
workshops (film directing) over the two week period. You can read
more about this exciting event in the News Release column below.

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Peter D. Marshall


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4. NEWS RELEASE – “MOVIECITY 2003” in Singapore

11 October 2003

Over the years, Singapore has built a strong base of talent in
the TV and film media through production projects, training
programmes and attracting international talent. The availability
of talent is a critical factor when companies decide to produce
their TV programmes or movies in Singapore.

It is exactly with this in mind that locally-based event and film
production company Sunnez, plans to hold a major film production
and special effects exhibition and workshop called MOVIECITY
2003. This is the first time in Asia that an event of such nature
has been organised where Singaporeans and overseas visitors can
come together to learn about film making and its related

The workshops will be conducted by more that a dozen professional
film-makers from USA and UK.

The Media Development Authority has pledged financial support for
the workshops.

Singapore Tourism Board is also providing financial support to
advertise the event as well as marketing support through its
website and offices all over the world.

MOVIECITY2003 will be held at the Singapore International
Convention and Exhibition Centre (Suntec) from 29 November to 13
December, 2003.

Readers who want to know details can visit its website:

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact:
JP Tan – Executive Producer
Sunnez Pte Ltd
106B Amoy Street
Singapore 069926
Telephone: 65 62211488 Fax: 65 2211955 Mobile: 98164096
Email: mailto:sunnez@singnet.com.sg
Website: http://www.showbizzorg.com

5. FEATURE ARTICLE – “What is a Director?”

In the autumn of 1973, legendary Hollywood director Elia Kazan,
director of such classic films as “Gentleman’s Agreement”, “A
Streetcar Named Desire” and “On the Waterfront”, was honored by a
two week retrospective of his films at Wesleyan University,
Middletown, Connecticut. At the conclusion of the program, Mr.
Kazan gave the following timeless talk to students:



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“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world,
she walks into mine.”

Humphrey Bogart, “Casablanca”

8. OUT TAKES – Movie Cliches: WOMEN

Women will always have shaved legs and armpits, even in caveman

Women will be worrying about their nails or dresses while people
are trying to kill them.

Women stand wide-eyed, hand to mouth, while hero battles villain.

Women never thinks to clonk villain with handy object.
Counterpoint: If woman does clonk, she always hits hero instead.

Women always fight other movie women by pulling hair, falling to
ground together, rolling over twice.

High-powered female executives always wear miniskirts and
five-inch heels to work

Beautiful women will always fawn over an action hero, no matter
what sexist remarks he makes to them.

A female lead with feminist leanings will always despise a macho
hero – until the first time he rescues her from certain death. She
will then become totally conventional and dependent. Once she
does this, the hero will become vulnerable and tell her about
some tragic loss that will explain his belligerent attitude.

Women wear make-up to bed, and wake up with hair and face
completely intact.

Women don’t need to go to the bathroom when they get up but will
shower frequently.

If a woman is pregnant, she will deliver before the movie ends.

Women also scream or make some other noise at the precise moment
the villain is close enough to hear.

Women always stand and watch the cars that are about to run them
over, OR the bad-guys that are about to shoot them (even if
there’s cover close by).

Strong (character/will) women are always macho, or bitchy.

Women always stuff their fist(s) in their mouths when terrified.

Women always have to be rescued by the hero, even if they’re
champion/ expert this or that.

Women are always too hysterical to do what the hero instructs. He
has to help/force her/knock her out.


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