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The Director’s Chair Issue # 107 – April 24, 2010 (Florida Road – An Independent Film)

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April 24, 2010                Scene 11 – Take 4

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1. Introduction
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4. Product Promotion and Film Workshops
5. Is Your Dream to Direct Movies?
6. Film & TV Industry News and Events
7. FEATURE ARTICLE: Florida Road – An Independent Film
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10. Filmmaking Workshops
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1. Introduction

Welcome to Issue #107 of The Director’s Chair (April 24, 2010)

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2) Feature Article – The feature article this month is a
called “Florida Road” by Karen van Schalkwyk. “Florida Road is
an independent film produced by Sunworld Productions and was
recently shot in Durban. The film is the directorial début of
Brad Glass, an American who spends his time between LA and
South Africa.” (Read article below.)

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2. Two Bonuses For Subscribing To The Director’s Chair

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5. Is Your Dream to Direct Movies?

Is Your Dream to Direct Movies? Are You Having Trouble Getting
Your Film Directing Career Started?

If you have the drive and passion to be a film director, and
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“The Art and Craft of the Director” is a 3 day intensive
workshop where up to 20 filmmakers from around the world will
have the opportunity to focus on what I believe to be the
director’s most important roles – understanding the story and
knowing the objectives of the characters.

When you know how to do these tasks efficiently, you then have
the foundation from which to create your visual style and the
means to get believable performances from actors.

6. Film & TV Industry News and Events

1. My name is Jordan Mederich and I am a FINALIST in a contest
called “SalesFail”, where people all around the country share
stories about their worst sales experience. My video is
currently in 2nd place, the contest ends on Friday, April 30.

I truly believe that we should all support each other as
filmmakers. Would you be willing to vote for my film?

Here is the link: http://www.salespop.com/stories/shammy-whammy

You can vote by clicking 5 stars below the video.

Thank you.

2. Make a Fashion Film to be featured in “A Shaded View on
Fashion Film”

Have your film screened as part of the ASVOFF opening in Paris.

Host: Diane Pernet & Tavi Gevinson

International fashion icon Diane Pernet presents A Shaded View
on Fashion Film 2010, the third edition of Paris’s annual film
festival dedicated to Fashion, Style and Beauty with special
guest judge superstar fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson.

They have created a once in a life time opportunity for all
die hard fashionistas and emerging fashion filmmakers to
submit their best fashion film feature or short around the
theme of Fashion, Style or Beauty and be featured in this
prestigious fashion film festival. The selected filmmaker will
have his/her film screened as part of the next edition of
ASVOFF opening in Paris.

Deadline is July 12, 2010

3. Openfilm.com $250,000 short film competition

“Openfilm.com has announced its $250,000 short film
competition. Submit today for a chance to win.

4. How do social issue documentary films do more than just
raise awareness?

Are you a documentary filmmaker looking for the formula to
take your film to the next level?

IMPACT is a new series of videos created by Working Films and
The Fledgling Fund focused on building film campaigns that
ignite social change. http://workingfilms.org/article.php?id=291

5. The New Media Film Festival (NMFF) spotlights stories worth
telling. http://www.newmediafilmfestival.com/

We are looking for films that exemplify the power of
the cinematic arts to inspire and transform. The festival
celebrates innovative and imaginative visual work that can
make audiences laugh, cry, think, and go beyond the ordinary.

In its inaugural year, NMFF will exhibit a selection of both
short and long-form works that exhibit a strong personal
vision combined with the highest standards of creative
excellence and technical achievement.

The films will be judged by a jury of notable film executives
who will award a $10,000 Grand Prize  of goods and services
from Big Vision Studios http://www.bigvision.com.

The Best in each category will win $1,000 worth of software
from http://www.ShowBizSoftware.com

6. EnRoute Film Festival – Emerging filmmakers from across
Canada are invited to submit their short films for the chance
to win a $5,000 cash prize and an all-inclusive trip for two
to an international film festival.

The festival is unique because selected films will be shown
in-flight and broadcast on Air Canada’s personal seatback
entertainment system.  It will be featured on the Canadian
Movies channel and viewed by millions of flight passengers
around the world.

You can get more details on the film festival at

7. FEATURE ARTICLE: “Florida Road” – An Independent Film

“Florida Road” is an independent film produced by Sunworld
Productions and was recently shot in Durban. The film is the
directorial début of Brad Glass, an American who spends his
time between LA and South Africa.

The film includes an impressive cast of both local and
international Bollywood actors including Vicky Davis, Cornie
du Tiot, Cokey Falkow and Bollywood stars Ashmit Patel, Vipin
Sharma, Priyansh Chatterjee and Smita Jayakar.

The film is tells the story of Shann, a mid 20s Indian man
with a heart of gold and a desire to write the next great
Hollywood screenplay.

Glass says that he had been working on the story for 10 years.
“In some respects it is autobiographical. We started to
develop the screenplay three years ago when I approached
screenwriter, Fred Fontana. It was never originally going to
be an Indian film, but I had travelled around Malaysia, India
and South East Asia and a lot of those experiences influenced
the story.”

They decided to shoot in Durban as this was a perfect
location. “Part of the story is about an Indian family who
relocates to Durban so this was an ideal location. We also
shot all the locations as a true reflection of South Africa.
So even when we shot in a restaurant we would not change the
name, but kept it authentic. One of our shots is an aerial
shot across one of the spectacular beaches.”

Glass says that another great blessing was working with the
Durban Film Office (DFO). “They were extremely helpful and
efficient. We had amazing support from the City of Durban and
the residents. The enthusiasm of the local people was great.
We had considered shooting in Australia or Asia but are
extremely happy that we chose Durban as our location.”

Glass explains that financing for the film comes from private
investor. “We have investors in the States and Canada and have
applied to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for the
rebate. We are in talks with a division of Universal Pictures
who are keen to distribute the film internationally.”

One of the challenges on the shoot was language. “With some of
our Indian actors, this was their first English speaking film.
So for instance with the humour in the script they would not
necessarily understand it. As the director, however, I allow
the actors to interpret certain things. I believe, coming from
an acting background that it’s crucial to encourage actors to
be creatively free.”

Blocking a film can often restrict creative freedom. “I do not
like to block scenes and will give an actor the end mark, but
I allow them to move in the space. I think this creates a far
more naturalistic feeling, which comes across on screen.”

Glass was impressed with the South Africa actors. “They come
well prepared and needed very little rehearsal time.”

The film is cinematically and character driven. “There are no
special effects so a lot of what is on screen has to do with
the performance and the style. Dave Aenmey did a fantastic job
as our cinematographer along with Durban choreographer,
Shivani Kara. We have some great Bollywood dance scenes.”

The film was shot on two HD Red One cameras but used Panavision
lenses. “The lenses made a huge difference and the film has a
cinematic look. I was impressed with the cameras.”

Glass says that they will definitely produce more films in
South Africa. “The crews are fantastic and the locations. The
huge difference here is that it is not unionised. In the
States there is so much red tape and if you go overtime you
pay huge amounts of money. South Africa is more lenient which
makes a big difference. We shot for four weeks and never had
issues on set.”

The film is a real tear-jerker and a feel good drama. “I want
the audience to go through a rollercoaster of emotions. I
think we have achieved this.”

Karen van Schalkwyk is a freelance journalist and filmmaker in
South Africa. She writes for Screen Africa (the leading
film/TV trade in SA) and other websites.
8. Do You Want To Write An Article For The Director’s Chair?

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9. Subscriber Shameless Self-Promotion (Free Advertising)

The Director’s Chair gives you an incredible opportunity to
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Each month, I give two subscribers an opportunity to promote
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10. Filmmaking Workshops – Peter D. Marshall

I have worked in the Film and Television Industry for over
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