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Michael Bruce Adams

Michael Bruce Adams is currently writing, producing and directing the feature length documentary, “Kulka: The Final Round”. As a screenwriter, Michael has written or co-written 23 feature length screenplays. His body of work also includes short film scripts, television series templates, and technical articles on screenwriting and filmmaking. He is a sought after Script Consultant and Story Editor for feature films, documentaries and television series with clients in the US, Canada, Africa and Europe.

Michael’s produced writing credits include the award winning feature film “Reach For Me” (Critic’s Choice Award, Oldenburg Film Festival, Best Feature and Best of Festival, Lake Arrowhead Film Festival, Centerpiece Gala Screening, Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles, Audience Choice Best Feature, San Diego Film Festival, AARP Movies for Grownups Award), produced in 2008, and as Story Editor for the feature film “A Shine of Rainbows”, produced in 2008, and Script Consultant for the television movie “Taken in Broad Daylight”, also produced in 2008.

After studying Biomechanics and Psychology at the University of British Columbia, Michael sacrificed a career in Advertising to follow his passion; filmmaking and screenwriting. To build a practical foundation for his craft, Michael immersed himself in the study of story theory and structure, and their application to screenwriting, an education he considers an ongoing commitment.

To gain practical filmmaking experience, Michael joined the production side of the industry in 1994, first as a Production Assistant and Assistant Director, then as an Assistant Cameraman, where he had the honor of working with acclaimed cinematographers such as, Dean Semler, Mikael Salomon, Maryse Alberti, Peter Menzies Jr., Bill Roe, and Julio Macat and directors John Mctiernan, John Curran, Phillip Noyce and Martin Campbell.

The invaluable ‘on-set’ filmmaking experience he gained on over 120 film and television productions including; “Dark Angel”, “The ‘L’ Word”, “Elektra”, “I Spy”, “Beyond Borders”, “Walking Tall”, “The Thirteenth Warrior”, and “Miracle”, allows Michael to contribute to projects not only as a creative force offering imaginative solutions to storytelling challenges, but as a practical collaborator with years of production experience.

Michael remains active in the technical side of the industry by publishing technical articles on screenwriting and filmmaking (actioncutprint.com; Your First Draft: Breaking Free of Structure Paradigms, Getting Started as a Screenwriter, and Notes on a Year as a Working Screenwriter, Canadian Society of Cinematographer News, Feb. 2008; Painting in the Dark: Bring Out Your Dead: The Making of Chemical Evil, Director’s Treatment, WGA registered Michael Bruce Adams 2 The Rebellious Adolescence of Digital Cinematography) and the blog, www.glennkulkadocumentaryjournal.com

You can contact Michael at: solperro@shaw.ca

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