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Karen Margolese

May 2013 b
Action Cut Print’s newest member, Producer Karen Margolese, is your go to person for booking filmmaking workshops and other live events. karen@actioncutprint.com

With over 20 years experience in the Film and Television industry as an Assistant Director, Karen is used to working in a fast-paced, multi-level, project based environment.

Karen has worked in the production side of the industry since 1990, starting as a Production Assistant and then quickly moving up to an Assistant Director. During that time, Karen has had the honor of working with many incredible actors and directors such as Sir Ben Kingsley, Angelina Jolie, Kevin Smith, and Phillip Noyce.

Working on a variety of productions, including Feature Films, TV series’ and commercials, Karen eventually gained enough experience to travel to Bangkok, Thailand to produce and direct her first documentary,  “Slaughterhouse Kids.”

Karen used her logistics experience as an Assistant Director to work as the Operations and Logistics Manager for the highly successful and world renowned TED Conferences (2009 – Long Beach, USA and Oxford, England), where she rubbed shoulders with such luminaries as Robin Williams, Peter Gabriel, Will I Am, Al Gore and Bill Gates – just to name a few!!

She also worked as a Field Producer for Whistler Live at the Whistler Film Festival (2012) where she was able to interview performers such as Gil Bellows, Bruce Cockburn, and Rashida Jones.

Amongst Karen’s many passions, she embraces the challenge of always learning new things such as languages, cooking, music and culture. Karen is also an outdoor enthusiast and always up for an adventure.

Because of Karen’s world travels, her grasp on the human condition has allowed her to effectively communicate with people from different cultures and traditions. Along with her 20 years of film industry experience, Karen is the perfect choice to be the film workshop and live event producer for Action Cut Print.

Contact Email for Karen: karen@actioncutprint.com