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I have included only a few of the books has available on Directing. These books are the ones I personally recommend. If you wish to view or purchase a book, click on the Book Title below and you will be taken to to view the book.

My “You Must Have These in Your Library” List

My “You Can’t Go Wrong With These” List

My “Books on Directors” List

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  1. hi!
    am a script writer and have compiled various works.
    wish to learn directing. can you suggest me the best book for the same or an online course?
    thanking you,

  2. I would like to recommend two other items to include in your list:
    DIRECTORS CLOSE UP ( 2006 ) which is edited interviews on directing with the nominees for best director by the Directors Guild of America. It is an in depth investigation into all the realms of directing with contemporary masters. There is a new edition coming in 2012.
    Also on line is the DGA Visual Histories which are visual and text interviews with famed directors with a detailed search engine to find specific comments about specific directing challenges:

  3. Show me a lot to learn but I direct some movies to show to the world. Help me the way